2 years

Just a quick note to say 2 years for me yesterday. How time flies, and how things have changed for me in the last 2 years.

Warmest regards to everyone, sorry I hardly ever come on here any more, its just that I simply don't think about smoking any more and so I tend to forget about the site. I wont ever forget the kind support everyone gave me when I was finding it tough though !


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  • 2 years is a fabulous place to be, you and me both this month, we will have to have a glass to celebrate tonight.


  • Big well done James.

    Feels good to be free dont it. Merry christmas to you and your family. xxxx

    Hi Jackie

    Merry christmas to you too. xxxxxx

  • Congrats James.... really well done it's great to see people coming back to gee people along.... it can be done

  • Well done James, I will be 2 years March 9th---nice to pop bk just to show everyone else it can be done--if I can do it anyone can !!

  • Came across this, and thought I would bump it so new quitters can see a sample of long term quitters who have made it.

  • Good call Biggrin, it's so good to see. I hope this is us lot in a couple of years, that'd be so cool!

    Molly x

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