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Another Milestone....My 8th Week Today

Morning all,

Here are my latest "Stopping" Stats......

I have NOT Smoked for 8 Weeks 3h 12m(56 days), thats 1 Month 3W's 5 Days

I have saved £257.20 by not smoking 1010 cigarettes.

I have saved 5D 7h 12m of my life. :)

I cant believe that 8 Weeks have gone by already. I will soon be in the next months slot, thats on Christmas Eve.

I am glad that i am not a smoker now, especially as the weather down here, while its beautiful and white, its also cold and deadly so thank goodness i saw the light when i did.

Heres to another milestone which will be my jump to the new section.

Just wanted to say a BIG THANKYOU to all those on here that have been my rock and my inspiration to stop and stay stopped. There are too many to list but im thanking "EVERYONE"

Have a great day

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Well done Jo :D


Congrats Jo, what a great Christmas present to yourself!


:D :D:D thats brill Jo im looking forward to thrusday when i can do the same :)



Hi all

I wanted to say thank you for your replies. It does feel so good to be at this stage and i cant wait for the next milestone.

Enjoy the rest of the day, stay safe and warm


Well done Jo, I still love celebrating my milestones, so many friends willing us on, it all helps to keep us smoke-free.



VERY well done to you .. Excellent to read how people get this far and enjoy NOT relying on the smelly weed ... So hope to get to where you are ... WELL DONE AGAIN hun x:D


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