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Bad night

Wot a night, went to bed after rough evening and then had couple puffs on the puffer, did,nt want no more and actually surprised myself when I said I did'nt want a cigarette too, but bad night after that, woke up plenty of times wanting a cigarette and being cold. Morning was not so bad as I talked to the other half, although he only says stop talking bout it as it reminds me, but it does help as I told him, took boys to skool and stuck on a patch so back on an even level at mo, as even as it gets so far. Really determined to do it this time, just hope the little voices in my head go away soon.

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Hi, and welcome to the forum

It can be rough the first few days but it DOES get easier, I am 2 months in now and the little voice isn't as persistant as it was to start with. It hasn't gone away but it is easier to ignore now.

Just take it one minute, one hour, one day at a time and you'll get there.



Thanks for that, surprised myself this afternoon, had arguement with loss adjustor and no climbing walls for a cigarette, just had a big bowl of salad as felt at a lose end. Hopefully a turning point and things just may get a bit easier from now.


Hate to say it Boys but bad nights, at least initially are par for the course I'm afraid. the good news is it doesn't last!

Hang on in there. Every crave unmet is your addiction dying bit by bit.


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