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3 weeks done today

Hi all

Well at half past 7 this morning I completed 21 days without smoking.

I have had a read back of my early posts :) Though I still maintain - for me - getting to day 2 was as much of an unbelievable achievement as week 3 done haha.

Thanks to all for your support - it really is appreciated and sincere good luck to everyone still going.

I'm looking forward to a smoke free christmas. :)

I dont know why - around the three week mark it suddenly just seemed to get a bit harder - dont get me wrong - not like day 3 or anything

I am not even near caving - just "edgy" all the time..... strange

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Well done Dean! Congrats :D

I know what you mean about feeling edgy and finding things a bit harder, I almost had melt down leading up to my third week.

And I've gone into biatch mode more than usual. I'll apologise and grovel when I'm over it all.

Keep going hon :)


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