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8 weeks today

Sorry I haven't been around much, i just haven't had much to say. I'm still quit, 8 weeks today, 2 date months on saturday, so I guess I'll move up a forum then.

I'm doing ok, apart from ulcers, i seem to be getting a new ulcer every few days and they are sore, not sure if they are smoking related or maybe due to the micro tabs i suck on.

My first day on the lower patches today, I have 5 left of the 21mg patches left so if anyone wants them PM me your address and I'll post them to you.

Not sure if I told anyone that my MIL had a stroke a few weeks ago? anyhoo due to that and the fact that she needs oxygen at home 24 hours a day she has finally quit smoking, probably only due to the fact that she couldn't have oxygen at home if she still smokes, but who cares, she's finally quit, so hopefully her health will improve in a few months, she's never going to be 100% but hopefully the emphysema will be a bit easier for her to live with. fingers crossed.

I rarely have cravings anymore, well not ones that drive me crazy, i do think about smoking from time to time, but i'm not needing to smoke anymore, my friend who still smokes has a stale cigerette smoke about her and it really is whiffy, funny i never noticed that before.

How's everyone else doing?

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Hi Karen,

Firstly, well done on 8 weeks!!

Congrats to your MIL on her quit - obviously with being ill it's not as celebratory as perhaps your quit was but good on her for doing it, whatever the trigger. Hopefully she feels the benefits and sticks at it. A second well done for you staying quit through what i can only imagine must have been a tough time :)

I noticed the stale stink on my boss who smokes this morning in a meeting - it's really not nice is it?!! I'm quite ashamed that i have smelt like that for 16 years!! Yuk!

Day 31 for me so am a little behind you - am still getting little cravings but like you say, just thinking about smoking, not the desparate need to smoke (which i would LOVE to think is a horrible distant memory!)



Hi Karen congrats on reaching 8 weeks :) but sorry to hear about the mouth ulcers they are not nice at any time but if your continuing having them maybe you should have a word with the doctor or nurse next time you go

best regards carol


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