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Four and a half weeks


Finally a significant milestone!!! I don't want to dismiss having stopped for a day, a few days, a week or two etc., but to me, counting in months is a great leap (I can't wait to be counting in years :-))

Tomorrow 9th December marks four and a half weeks, or 31 days since I stopped cold turkey, convinced that smoking serves no real purpose in my life other than to feed an addiction.

During that time, I have skipped 1,426 cigarettes and saved 322 Euros (272 GBP).

I have had a few pangs here and there, but no real cravings. At those times, I keep focused and remind myself why I am doing this. I want to be smoke-free and especially addiction free.


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Congrats Michael, keep up the great work!

:D well done Michael its a great feeling when you reach a milestone :D:D

best regards carol


Well done buddy - 9th is also a milestone for me - 1 calender month quit!!

So I guess we will both be counting in months from here on!!

Still great job really happy for you :D

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