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No Smoking Day
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10 weeks

Not one slight puff or whiff of a ciggie now for 10 weeks that will be 70 days - 1680 hours - 100800 minutes without ...superb though I say it myself :D really getting a lot easier now..dont have any bad cravings just light thoughts that soon go..so for all you wanna bees stick to it !!

and a further calculation reveals ....

1750 cigs have not polluted my lungs

and a massive saving of over £400

Glad I came on now feeling well proud :)

2 Replies

Nice one Mr G...well done you :)


That's great!

Isn't it shocking when you see the cigarette counter reach 1000 and then go over? How many cigs we must have smoked during our smoker lifetimes is just scary...

Fantastic to see you so positive :)


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