No Smoking Day
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soooo excited

It's nearly 10 months since I gave up the demon weed.. and what a rollercoaster it's been.

On Sunday I spent 9 hours delayed getting to New York - two of those hours we were allowed off the plane but nowhere could we have had a ciggie even if we'd tried. But did I care - nope :D

This is my first Christmas as a non-smoker - it feels so good...

I'm looking forward to welcoming in the new year as a non smoker and on my way to my first anniversary at the beginning of February...

Hope all my quit buddies from February are still doing well...

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See not smoking has its major bonuses, you dont have to worry about long haul flights and sitting in cinemas and restaurants and the list goes on and on.

Well done on reaching 10 months thats a great milestone and it want be long and you will be in the lift on the way up to the Penthouse.


Well done to you trikeschick :cool:


Well done to you :D

snowie x


Excellent job!

It's great to see people who have quit such a long time ago and with such success coming back to encourage others. It would be so easy to feel smug and no longer be bothered with those who didn't make it. Thanks for the encouragement.

It can be done!!!!


It was the support of this forum that helped me - it felt like I had people who did care whether I was okay or not. My friends weren't and still aren't that supportive. But I still come in here and it provides me the motivation to continue. It has to be the hardest thing I've ever done but I'm getting there :-D and so will you


I know exactly what you mean there

My workmates are no support at all - most refuse to acknowledge that I have really quit.

I am not biting - I know the truth,

And there is little support at home either, people still smoking around me.

This forum has been a god send :)


Still here

Well done to you Trikeschick.... I am still a non smoker too. Well over 10 months and absolutely chuffed to bits!!!

When i remember us struggling in those early days i can't believe i don't miss it at all!!

Great to see another fab febber!! xx


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