No Smoking Day
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what a week!!

Hello everyone :D

Hope you are all doing well???

Once again sorry for not being around for you all...

I had to go in early for my night shift on Weds night at 6pm, so the day shift lady could go home before the snow struck and i have only just got back this morning!!

Yesterdays day shift couldnt get in and if they couldn't get in i knew i couldn't get home lol so just told my manager i would stay until this morning :eek:

So i have done a 39 hour shift!!!

Although i nearly didn't make it home this morning, i had parked my car a few streets away as didn't want to park in the back street on Weds night, when i got there this morning i couldn't actually see my car lol

It was fun and games digging my way out, as the snow was half way up my car , there was few people chatting in the gardens watching me, but none of them offered there services to help me, even though they had a shovel!!

they stood there chatting and pointing at me...... grrrr

Anyway their faces were a picture when i got myself out and drove off looking very smug with myself (who needs men??)

now back to the smoking..........

I had smoking nurse on Monday, that was the last time i see her weekly and it has now changed to two weekly and the next time is when i go down a patch.

Its been........

1 month, 1 week and 5 days since i have smoked, so am feeling very proud of myself, although i have been craving a lot over the past few days at work. But i got over it, like i knew i would.

I feel so positive now and although the past few days of craving got to me, i am sure positivness got me through it...


Snowie xx

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wow what a nightmare for you being stuck at work for that long bless hope they are going to give you a bonus for staying that long lol

and as for having to dig your car out while others watched on thats just rude :mad:

glad to hear your feeling positive :D

regards carol


that really is one hell of a week, great for getting through tho...

Now go get some sleep :)


Wow Snowie what a week. Can't believe you got stuck in work, bet your boys missed you.

I can well believe that those people stood and watched you. Stupid thing is, statistically, if there was only one person they would more than likely helped you. Mad isn't it a group of people will watch someone struggle but and individual is more likely to help you. WELL DONE YOU fo getting your car out on your own though, I bet sheer determination got that done :D

Glad you are doing well with the not smoking, you are sounding strong with it:D



Good for you for not giving up on walking away from the car! People can be so irritating. I remember when I lived in Ohio in the snowbelt, we had serious snow, and one night I got home (at 11pm) and the snow plows had blocked out driveway (literally the pile was taller than me!), so I parked up next door at the apartments. Two people came out and told me I could not park there, they would get me towed.

I would have understood except they always had at least 5 empty spots, and how many people did they expect in before 6am when the plow for our drive would come???

Anyway, at least you are back now, and hopefully can relax for a little bit!


Hi Snow, sorry you have had a bad day but things can only get better, cant it??? I love the snow but I know it can cause complete disruption all over.

So I bet you are going to have an early night tonight and then tomoz you will feel better.


Hey Snowie,

Have been a bit rubbish about posting on here myself lately, been busy with work, but at least I didn't have to dig my car out like you! Poor you, I think the worst is when it starts to melt on your clothes and makes you even colder :(

Weirdly, I've been suffering from cravings quite badly this week too. I really don't want to smoke though because the thought of the taste of it makes me feel sick; that, coupled with the smell of my smoking friends (sorry, but you do stink!). It's just annoying because I know what it is and I wish it would just go away!

Glad you got through your week ok. Hope you have a great weekend and the blooming snow goes. It's very pretty, but very annoying!

Trandem x


(((Snowie))) What a nightmare hun!!

How rude of those people not to help you dig your car out :mad:. Give me their names. I know people :p. Glad to hear you managed it yourself!!

Well done on the not smoking too!! You must have hit the 7 week mark now!! That's great :).

Take care Your Highness :p,


Mr Ed xxxx


Morning all....

Well i got over that long stint at work...

Sian.. the boys didn't miss me, because Dad let them get their own way (the soft touch) in fact they argued the minute i walked through the door...

I was just sitting here thinking yet again that i fancy a smoke, then realised i didn't have a patch on "doh" :eek:

Hence i had a mad rush to the kitchen and slapped one on quick!!

Jamangie..... I had a catch up of all my programmes and went to bed at 00:00, so no early night, especially as i had a read too in bed... but i didn't get up until 11am today :D

Trandem... i think we are going to have to deal with these "suprise craves" hun :mad: we are strong, we can do this !! xx

Ah Mr Ed.... my quit bud :D

Yes not nice of them standing and watching me, i may be only just under 5" 2.... but i can be feisty girlie when i want to so there was no way i was going to give up getting home, with or without their help!! lol

Not quite 7 week Ed, it was 6 weeks on Weds, still all good though.

Snowie xx


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