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No Smoking Day
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Jacks back one year

Well would you believe it, I was gobsmacked.

Have decided though that he has tried to be a bit coy as he has posted under another name cause he couldnt log on as Jack, he has posted on Day one under Jackagain, playing it down I reckon.

It want get you any where though will it.

So well done and massive Congratulations One Year Today Jack and Into The Penthouse No Arguement.


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This Penthouse isnt big enough for the both of us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (especially now im a fat bloater lol)


Okay jamangie thanks to you I've been discovered. I was trying to sneak into the penthouse but jack got in the way. Hi Jack from Jack.


You will never be allowed to sneak any where while Im about LOL you have earned your place in the Penthouse and more than most as I know how much of a struggle it was sometimes for you.

Does it feel better now you have gained the doorstep of 12 months like you can stop being so focussed on milestones and just be a non smoker ?? x


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