Penthouse there room for a little one??

Hey all.

Can’t believe I am going to say this but…ONE YEAR TODAY for me! Woo-hoo :)

I had a few tough times along the way, losing my dad in April was the worst,

but I was determined to keep my quit for the sake of my two gorgeous sons as well as for myself.

I don’t post a lot on here but I do stop by for a read every now and then and it’s great to see so many people wanting to quit and being helped by others…it makes me feel warm inside :D

So, is my room ready?? :cool:

Tracy x

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  • Well done Traceeeeee and I think you have done incredibly well, so sorry about your Dad but I am sure he would have been very proud and pleased that you managed to quit and even better that you have now reached the Penthouse.

    Have a great 2cnd year

  • Bloody fantastic Traceeee

    Well done Tace, like Mod 2 has said you're in your second year now, something to be proud of. David

  • Many congratulations, I will be there in 10 months : )

    Hope the cocktails are ready and waiting for you. And a seat by the fireside too.

  • 5499

    Well done, cant wait to be sitting next to you at the Bar.

  • Thanks for your comments...and I would like to apologise in advance to any of the other penthouse residents who catch my cold :p

  • Congratulations Tracy, :cool:

    One Year is a fantastic achievement and I honestly believe things continue to get easier.

    You did yourself proud with the loss of your Dad.

    Be loud and proud ..... and keep your cold to yourself please ;)

    Pol xx

  • Congratulations and well done - hopefully this will be me someday!! ;)

  • Great big Well done you, you are talking in years now. Enjoy your special day and make sure you give yourself something a well deserved pressie.


  • Well done Traceeeee and welcome to the room, it provides everything you need and is a fantastic place to be in. A year around the sun, the world is smoke free and addiction clear. Enjoy it.

  • Nice, Tracy! Well done getting to one year! Keep on truckin with this quit of yours!! Well done!

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