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No Smoking Day
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Day 15

Well this is new for me...

Never got to the 3rd week when attempting to quit before. I have now broken out in spots, but apart from that no real problems. In fact everything seems very positive.

No coughing up anything, infact no coughing at all...is that normal?? And the pear drop intake has reduced to only a couple a day lol. Spending a lot more time with the family instead of hiding away smoking :o. Oh, and apparently I have colour in my cheeks (I didn't know that I always looked pale before).

The house doesn't smell anymore (apart from the dog, but I've been fabreezing her too :D)), my clothes don't smell, and nor do I. I've rediscovered my love of home cooking, and the kids and hubby are most appreciative.

And now my stats for the 1st time.


2w 10:37 smoke-free, 354 cigs not smoked, £84.96 saved, 1d 05:30 life saved

Have a lovely smoke free day everyone :) xx

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Congrats! Bet the dog is wondering what on Earth happened!

Keep up the good work!


Hi Rachel and well done on getting to day 15 :D im sure the dog appricates you as well as the rest of the family :p

i actually stopped coughing since stopping smoking as i did have abit of a chest infection leading upto my quit day but since then nothing also found i can breathe more easily as i do suffer quite badly with alergies and normally had to put drops of obas oil on cotton wool and place on the bed at night to help me sleep but not had to do that for ages either and ive not had to use my inhaler that much either :D

best regards carol


Day 17

Today I have reached the £100 saved mark. Well I say that but I mainly smoked roll ups and bought myself real fags as a treat:o, so it's difficult to say how much I've saved. But I've stopped going out really (and I used to go out a lot) so I've saved money that way too.

Anyway, with the money saved, today I have bought my eldest son an IPod touch for his christmas/birthday present. He asked if he could have one a few months back, and I went off on one. You know, the usual...I can't afford that, what do you think I am, made of money, blah blah etc. Anyway, I've gone halves with my Mum, and I'd never had bee able to afford it had I not given up my own selfish habits.

Can't wait to see his face Christmas morning :)


Well done on Day 17 Rachel. I love ticking off the days YAY!


I love ticking off the days too, and tomorrow will be one day higher.

Although when i mentioned to a colleague earlier that i was on day 16. she said so 2 weeks then?

NO NO NO not 2 weeks 16 days - The difference is huge :D - i know you guys know that tho :p


I remember when I told my parents I was on day 4... they looked at each other and said 'yeah, so? you said you quit and we congratulated you then... do you need a pat on the back everyday?'... my answer was yes, yes I do :D

Since then I think it really hit them what an amazing achievement each day is (they're actually both smokers)... I hope I haven't scared them with that! But they can see I'm happier now which is important.

Eitherway, ticking is good :) Someone on here has a calendar with gold stars (can't remember who) but I think it's a GREAT idea!


would have been nice to have some more replies.........hubby has given up on his own, but is doing ok........he know's now that I need the support even though he didn't....more snow tomorrow :(


still here but a close call....... had a couple of drinks earlier then went out with friends......... i'm ok but think my smoking friends aren't .....


Are you ok rachel?


Hi Rachel - because you were strong you have made it to day 18:) Fabulous! If you had caved you would be feeling so much worse but now you really do deserve that gold star. I'm off to buy some this morning, not from the newsagent where I bought my fags though! I think that week 3 is tough, I did more weeping that week than I have for years and I couldn't explain it, still can't. Now I am a "veteran" in my fourth week and and life is much rosier and I can start to know that this is all worth it:)

Keep strong Rachel, only 3 more gold stars and you are in your fourth week. That is a gold star, cream cake, new handbag.......


Well done Rachel for Day 15 which is now Day 20? and for going out last night. I have been out, but not with smokers, and I am apprehensive. It is crazy that even other smokers dont realise how significant stopping is- I think its like a first pregnancy when the whole world looks and feels different. I am very lowkey at work about having stopped, mainly because I would be crushed by So What?- but partly because if I did fail again it would be worse if I'd made a song and dance. But I feel safe to sing and dance inthis place.

I loved ther ipod story- I am doing exactly the same for my boy and it feels good, and I love your family times and home cooking- rings so many bells- I feel like I have hidden from the world behind my smokescreen for years.

Today is 4 weeks for me- thrilling!

:D Sandy


Well done!

Well done Rachel! I think it's brilliant and everybody here understands just how hard it is. What did you think of the smell when they all came back in?

When I'm out in my local most of my friends smoke, I also play in a band and we had practice last night and all the other smoke. For the last couple of weeks I stay inside at fag time but last night I felt confident enough to go outside with them.

I don't think I had a huge temptation to smoke, we've all worked too hard to cave in now haven't we?

Good luck and well done again.



Hi everyone.

I went to bed soon after I posted last night, so didn't see all your replies. It all got a bit much for me last night. We ended up round our friends house who smoke and they were smoking infront of us. They are the ones who said they were going to give up before me but still haven't. I think I lost the plot a little!!!! Put a fag in my mouth, picked up the lighter, lit the lighter...then put the fag back in the packet. I was proving a point, though not sure if it was to me or to everyone else. I didn't want to smoke and I didn't. They all looked at me completely shocked, then carried on smoking anyway. Guess I got a bit fed up of the 'omg I've nearly run out of fags what am I going to do' routine. Moral of story...don't get p***ed with smoking friends, or you may turn out to be one of those ex-smoker preachy types. But it's only because I love them.

By the way, I think you are all fab. Thanks for being there xxxx

Day 19 smoke free :)


:D:D well done Rachel

your doing so well :)

best regards carol


Yeah that is a hard situation because you know you cant change them. because they do deep down know that smoking is silly anyway.

Never try to convert people that smoke i know how i felt when i used to smoke and people told me you dont need the fags. I would not listen because i belived then that i was getting some kind of plesure back then.

But you have a good point if only you could convince your friends that it does sod all for them.

Just remind them from time to time how happy you are:D

lee x


Hi Rachel, amazing well done. Passed a big test last night didn't you and that is great but.....................there will be many more to come. Each time they come along it will be a fight and you will have to fight hard. I'm now in a position to tell you it's worth every moment to stop smoking and be able to say these big words "I don't smoke"

I teach people to drive and some of my pupils get out and have a fag, oh boy do they stink when the get back in. I now know what I used to smell like to others YUK!

Well done,



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