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No Smoking Day
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STill Not Smoking

Hello Fellow Non Smokers

Thanks for the messages of support after i was near to caving in on day 33, after a near skin full of rum, im now on day 36, and feeling much stronger, in fact since tuesday this week, i haven't craved a smoke, this quit is so different so my last attempt of 50 days, when everyday was a struggle, Quitting is easy when you WANT to stop, thats the secret, WANTING to stop, tick off the days as you go, watch your health improve, feel your pockets gain weight and not your body,

good luck everyone,

Talk Soon

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well done :) glad to hear your doing so well

regards carol


Hi Alan,

A HUGE well done to you and brilliant to hear that you are feeling so much stronger now.

I think we will always have a wobble every now and again, but remaining positive and focused is the way to get around these wobbles.

Snowie xx


You have hit the nail on the head, quitting is so much easier when you decide you want to quit and it is your own choice, my first quit was 11 months and the pressure was from the outside not the inside and I failed when life turned a little bumpy, this time I want to stay quit and I know that no matter how high the bumps are they want be any softer if I smoke.

So you keep reminding yourself that you have chosen the smoke free road and that you were not forced to do it by any one else and you will be in the Penthouse before you know it.

Well done.


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