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starting day 4

Its the start of my day 4 and have to say last night was tough :-/

I eventually went for the early night to make it stop but I even woke up as bad. :(

At least now I got to work and read a few messages on these boards things have eased.

I cant believe I got to day 4 :) whatever it takes I know its for real this time

Honestly - anyone that knows me knows just how many attempts to stop I have had in the past - but could never do it - could not get through just 24 hours nicotine free without at least just a couple puffs. - and now, this time, I'm starting day 4 of completely 100% nicotine free :)

Thanks to everyone - :)

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Well done Dean :D I felt like that too and still do (like it's not really me who's quit because everyone knows I smoked loads and always have). Just take it one day, hour, minute at a time, and come on here as often as you need to. Take care, you're doing great xx


Morning Dean.

You are doing so well!! Day 4 already wow!!

Hopefully the day will get easier for you, i found the first few days the hardest.

I did see your question about getting through the first weekend.

My advice would be, still try and keep busy and also change your routine.

Cravings are normally associated with our certain routine we use, by changing this routine, helps to keep the cravings at bay :)

good luck... you can do this!!

Snowie xx


its the first weekend so may seem like its going to be harder then it is but if you keep your mind busy you can do it :D

regards carol


Afternoon Dean,

Well done for getting to day 4 nicotine free. Way to go!!!

Like you I had a not so great evening last night (restless) & woke up growling like a lion (inside) this morning knowing I could not smoke :eek:

Well, it's lunch time now & feeling a lot better than I did so just glad I didn't cave in & get some ;)

Worrying about how you will cope at the weekend will be far worse than the reality I am sure. As already posted, keep yourself busy, change your routines so you won't equate them to smoking & most of all BE VERY PROUD OF YOURSELF. :D

G x



Many many thanks for all your support - and G - I am pure delighted to see you still going today :) !!!!

Today has been a lot better - deep breaths and relax for a few seconds :)


Well done Dean, keep reminding yourself why you quit and the longer you stay quit the longer you will want to stay quit, does that make sense, it must be getting late or I am tireder than I realise.


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