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Day 6

Hi all, its day 6 for me and ive found days 4 and 5 really hard but things are starting to look up since i went to see my no smoking nurse yesterday and she put me on microtabs. I didnt sleep very well last night and i hope this passes soon. I cant believe its a week tomorrow and my children are really proud of me, i feel as if i have you guys to thank for that as theres been several times ive been so low that i nearly gave in but you gave me support and pulled me through it.

As i said im now on 2mg microtabs that can be taken upto 40 times a day for heavy smokers but i have only used will power and 6 microtabs today so i am patting myself on the back.

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Well done, and tomorrow will be a whole week, how great, your first milestone, congratulations.:p


Hi Tia, thanks for your reply and congratulations to you to, i know i havent won the battle yet but im going in the right direction


Hi Paul

Im on day 8 now, having good and bad days but my skin is starting to look better and my purse is a lot heavier. Congratulations on your success upto now and it would be great to support each other.


Well done, congrats to you :)

That is super that you make your kids happy, they must be so proud of you!!

There might be some rough times ahead (this totally surprised me at the end of week 2!) but I'm sure you'll get through it all with flying colors!!



Things will get better I promise and soon you will be able to manage without the tabs, but however you manage to stay quit thats all that matters.


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