No Smoking Day
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Day 10

I know its almost day 11 for me but i just thought i'd report in. Going strong, feeling much better now. The only thing left thats royally peeing me off is this cough. Oh well all in the name of good health!

But yea, going very strong. I have a lot of urges to smoke the last few days but i just play some xbox or read a book or something and it soon passes. If it really is a strong craving at work or whatever i'll have a lozenge, but im trying to kick nicotine altogether now. Else i'll keep having strong cravings for months.

Anyhow, im off to sleep now, have fun and Stay Strong! :D

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Well done squiffle, you're doing great. Have to say that the xbox was my best friend during the first week. I completed arkham asylum on hard that week lol. It does get easier. I am almost 6 weeks in now and feel great. Aware though that complacency (sp) is my worst enemy right now.

Keep it up mate, stay strong.



Hi Squiffle,

Lovely to see that you're doing well... I couldn't wait for my cough to kick in! I think it's such a gd way of reminding yourself just how bad you were treating your body... if you ever feel like smoking again think of all the gunk coming out and you'll probably think it through twice!

Have a great day 11!


Am on day 10 and have still got a god-awful cough - glad that it's not just me!! It's driving me mad but seems to be easing a bit today and like the idea that it's a reminder of all the crap that smoking does to the body.

Have a good day 11 and well done so far! :)

Jen xx


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