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Wish me luck

Dear all

Monday I am off on my hols to Eurodisney and I'm a little bit worried about the association triggers that going away are going to give me, I'm sure I'll be fine but the French smoke like troopers and they definately don't stick to the designated areas in Disney!

And I'm going to miss coming on here and reading everyday - what am I going to do without my cyber friends????

So keep the room tidy all of you and make sure you're all still here when I get back!!!!

Jane :)

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You'll be fine Jane. Just remember your quit reasons and that smoking does absolutely nothing for you except slowly cripple you. Plus you really don't want to stink like an old ashtray again do you? :).

Have a great time at EuroDisney. We'll all still be here to greet you when you come back.

Ed xx


You will have a great time and just remember that they are all smelly and have a cough in the mornings and you dont.

Enjoy your hols and get lots of pics to put on here so we can see how great it was and be envious.

Smoking is not a choice, enjoying yourself and staying healthy is.


Hi Jane,

I bet you are going to have a FAB time!

Everytime you see a smoker, just feel happy and gratful that you no longer do that, you no longer smoke.

Look at your child/ren and KNOW that you are doing the right thing.x

Dont worry, i'll keep things ship shape around here!


Wow, really jealous. I so want to go to disneyland, you are going to have a fab time. I don't think you are going to worry too much about smoking when you are away, you will be having too much fun to think about it.

Have a great time and think of all the extra money you have to spend seeing as you are not setting fire to it anymore :D


I was in Disney this summer and although they respect the non-smoking areas there are still so many places you can smoke! I remember lighting up and just feeling so guilty for smoking in a place full of so many kids and somewhere that's meant to be so innocent!

Saying that, I'm sure you're more likely to be left feeling sorry for the chain-smoking French rather than jealous of them!

Hope you had an amazing time! (what am I saying, of course you did! It's Disney!)


Hi Jane - I hope you're having a fab time at Disney. Your first smoke free holiday in years right?



Hey all I'm back and still smoke free!!!!

Not sure how I managed it though as I'm sure I was the only person over 16 that wasn't smoking - seriously I was shocked by how many people were puffing away. They did stink though! Oh and on Wednesday I forgot to put a patch on all day so thought I won't bother Thursday so today is day 3 with no nicotine whatsoever! Not even a smidge of it on a lozenge! Am keeping the lozenges handy though and not going to be a martyr - if I crave bit time I'll have one of those rather than risk my quit......

Well just a quick update will pop back on later to read on how you have all been getting on!

Jane x


So glad you got through your break and didnt give in, I am in full agreement with you that I seem to think there are more smokers about than when I smoked or its that I notice them more, so where are the pics then ????


Its nice to heard about you I wish you a best of luck for your life and living smoking.smoking is really dangerous for health and may snech your life.


Just seen your post after you returned Jane.

Well done on keeping 'clean'!!!! :). That's fantastic as you were faced with all those Frenchie smokers continually reminding you.

You're doing great, and don't be afraid to use a lozenge every now and then. That's infinitely preferable to smoking!!

Woo-hoo for Jane!! :D

Ed xx


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