No Smoking Day
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Day 12 and time for an update

Ok, so I have managed to make it through to day 12, without stabbing or running over a smoker.

All horses in the local area are still completely concious!!

This despite still getting the kind of cravings that could easily drive you mad.

Still as my long suffering wife and 3 kids (all girls) keep telling me "Lend us a tenner dad?".

No sorry that was wrong they keep telling me I will live longer and feel better so hey who am I to argue over a few cravings?:eek:

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Lend us a tenner LOL well at least you can afford to now which is more than could be said for a fortnight ago.

Your family are so right and its really great that they encourage you and want you to be around when they get married etc, well who else would they get to pay for the weddings LOL.

Well done 2 weeks are just round the corner.


well done john you are a star..:p


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