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No Smoking Day
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Week 2

Well well well, been a while since i quit for a whole week. I've felt totally ill since sunday. Someone mentioned theres a lot going round. Lets hope so!

Ew at the nasty black shii im now gladly getting rid of. Kinda tastes like death, but i guess its all the crap. Anyways my chest hurts like hell, and asthma on top of that is not a good combo. Lot of false attacks i think since i quit.

But on the brightside, day 8 is over with not a single smoke smoked all this time, and now writing a mini essay here has helped me get over a craving i had just now while having a beer with some friends.

Hope the quitting is going well for you guys! I'm also back at work now, cant stay off forever with illness.

Oh and my GF thinks im complaining about my illness too much, you guys decide. Lol. I told her its just me complaining about everything since i quit. Lol.

Anyhow, have fun!

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I totally agree at eww to the nast black shii coming out. I think most of us go through it, but it does pass, eventually.

well done for choosing to come on her instead of smoking on your crave:D I haven't faced a night out or really drinking yet, but have never been a big drinker so not really an issue for me not to have one.

Tell your GF that you are quitting smoking and have been poorly and that she should cut you a little slack. This is coming from a women aswell, and believe me I am the most unsympathetic person going, just ask my DH lol.

Your doing great matey. Stick with it. :D


Hi Mr Squiffle

I went through the same especially the hurting of the old chest couldnt understand :confused: you stop smoking and then your chest hurts whats that about ..I dont have asthma so can't comment.. but seemingly when a person quits smoking the change (be it instantaneous or gradual) The nicotine levels causes a sudden change in the physique. your likely to suffer from sickness. and face constant fatigue, headache and also find difficulty in concentrating. In case of heavy smokers they may experience chest pain and severe digestion problems. The joys eh..but as said time and time again it does get better ...just gotta hang on in there :)

day 8 and counting well done ...


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