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day 23

HOLY CRAP - HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!!! Ive made it to day 23

In all honestly its not been that bad. Can go all day without thinking of smoking and still eating more than usual but think thats getting back to normal. House feels cleaner and more welcoming- no smelly smoke and ive more time and energy for cleaning. Clothes, hair, breath etc cleaner and feel healthier. Havent developed a cough -although not sure if thats a bad thing or not, as all rubbish still in lungs. spent my smoking money on decorating my bedroom.

Started on patches but they made me sick so as of thursday 11th nov went cold turkey - ANOTHER THING I THOUGHT ID NEVER BE ABLE TO DO!! - and it wasnt bad at all - only withdrawal symptom i had is that ive starting waking up several times in the night again but it's not bothering me that much.

Am a little afraid to be honest - cos none of quitting has been very bad and that cant be right. Am honestly convinced that ive had it too easy up until now so im gonna wake up tomorrow and have a horrendous day and then ill know what everybody else is going through. Am not showing off just trying to show that everybodies quit is different.

the only negative thing id say has been happening other than tiredness and not sleeping is that my mental health has not been that great lately. Had low moods a few days and something that can only be described as mild paranoia. Feel like i dont wanna be around people - just wanna be on my own alot more. Its not a big deal cos i no it'll go away soon - just have to shout at myself sometimes to stop acting weird.

everybody at work is convinced im pregnant cos ive put weight on and stopped smoking even though theyre both related. Its become a inside joke at work and get asked everyday. every punchline is something bout me being pregnant. gets abit much when is 50 people doing it everyday and kills my confidence. Not good for a woman to be constantly reminded that she looks fat. Have cried in the toilet alot in the past few days. So actually thinking bout it that probably explains why ive been acting differently lately.

Anyway am feeling really positive and the days are flying by now!!! IN my heart something has clicked and mentally im a non smoker now.

Well done to everybody else who decided to take back control of their lives!!!


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day 23 is exellent, well done, im kinda same the cravings are managable but im sure one day they will be hard, unless its will power thats keeping them down, cos this time i know i want to quit, anyway hope it keeps working for you x



First of all well done on your first 23 days.

That is very callous of the people at your work, have they no feelings at all?

Hang in there girl, you are bigger than them and the nicodemon.

Onward and upward.


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