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mouth ulcers

God I have been stopped now for 8weeks and just the other day i woke up to the most horrific mouth ulcers on my gums and tongue..really sore ..have tried mouth wash ..but to no avail.. I have read that as you stop the blood vessels in your mouth recover due to the smoke suppressing them...but thats nothing to do with the 30 buttermints a day I have been eating over the last 2 months..

pretty sore...

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How have you stopped MrG, are you using the gum or lozengers (sp) they could cause it.

I know for the first 2 weeks of my quit my mouth was so sore. I know that was all the mints I was shoving in it (may have been the ginger biscuits too, or the custard creams lol) but also the fact that my tounge was no longer covered in Nicotine all the time

If you can deal with it then disolve some salt in warm water and use as a mouth wash. This should help with the ulcers. If you can't do that (I know I can't as it makes me heave, but I heave with mouth wash) then get some bonjela.

Hope it gets better.

Sian x


Hi mr g

Well i must admit i too had a week or so of those little sores in my mouth, but that first week of my quit i was munching away on mints and chewing gum and since i have stopped eatting so many sweets my mouth has calmed down a bit. I did notice that my mouth tasted funny in the first couple of weeks too but that has subsided a little now. Anyhow it could be a number of things causing it but i have found the salty mouthwash good and also bear in mind that your mouth has now found the blood vessels that had been restricted before so its flowing nicely and that extra flow could be inducing and causing the ulcers too.

Hope they clear up soon.



So there you have it Mr G.

Lots of home remedies, an invisible guide (well i can't see it) and the privileged knowledge of the fact that the ulcers will go on their own once your mental state has been addressed :eek:

Based on the above then i'd go and see the GP before the Psychiatrist :D


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