No Smoking Day
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Hello day 4! :)

Had a bit of a mental battle last night - OH was at work, i was sat in on my own and fancied a glass of wine. First sip = crazy cravings, so much so that i ended up talking out loud to myself about why it was a stupid idea (so much so that the cat now thinks i've lost the plot!). :(

BUT I DIDN'T CAVE!!! :) Instead i found a book that i've been meaning to finish for ages, turned the radio on and started reading. Before i knew it OH was home and had brought me a little teddy as a well done for getting through day 3 - i felt so proud and am feeling very smug this morning!!

BTW, i probably should apologise in advance for rambling, as typing seems like a good distraction (i would usually be outside for my morning fag right about now)!!

Hurray for day 4 :D:D

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Well done Jenni!! That's a great achievement!! :). Those cravings can spring up from nowhere. Good on you for fighting it off.

Don't apologise for rambling :p. That's what this place is for!! Anything rather than having a cig!!

Stay strong Jenni. You're on day 4 and they'll soon mount up!!

Ed xx


Well done Jenni!! Will be a week before you know it!! :D

btw...ramble away....this is what we are all here for!!!

Embo x


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