No Smoking Day
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Day 4

Today is surprisingly easy to not think about nicotine. Purely, because i feel so ILL!!

Got the works, raging headache, sore throat, puffy eyes, and my ears hurt. Not to mention every bone in my body hurts.

At least, im not gonna smoke! The pain from my illness is a mega distraction. Haha :D

But i can see my being ill, is going to be a nightmare tonight while im at the O2 in london, seeing Paramore. Oh well time to drug up i guess!


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Im sorry to hear your not doing so good today :( , just remember it will get better and its your body starting to repair itself after all the poisons and other crap we have given to it over the years now needs to be expelled.

Hope that tonight is better and Dave dont give in or go back, you have come so far, keep it up



Hang in there Dave


Hey Squiffle,

Sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather, but well done on reaching day 4!!

Have a fab time tonight :D

Snowie xx


Hope you feel better soon and have a great night tonight, bet Paramore are fantastic live.



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