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Week 3-Day 22

Good morning everyone,

Just wanted to let you all know how things are going so far. This is day 22 for me so over the 3 week mark but im not leaving this section until the 23rd Nov because i feel that i cant join the Month 1 until i have completed a month which in my books is either 30/31days. Anyhow that day will soon come round as its only next Tuesday and then i can move from the Weeks to the Months which will feel kind of weird to start with.

I have also made a weekly chart at home that i can now mark of daily with a Gold Star, i know that sounds like a Kids Reward Chart but in a way it is my Reward Chart, its to make sure that i have a visual "Well Done" each day.

I cant say that i dont very occasionally think of my old friend because if i said that i would be lyin but those thoughts are not thoughts as such but the occasional "am i missing something" which then just goes as quick as it came.

Im looking outside at the moment and thinking that just over 3 weeks ago i would have been sat out there, needing my early morning puff and freezing my bum off so that i could get my fix but now i can stay in the warmth and noy have to take myself out like a naughty school girl and it feels great, im so proud of myself.

This is about the time back in 2006 that i was about to falter, i became a secret smoker back then because i did not want to admit to my OH that i had gone back onto them and yet he managed to stay quit. I am always on the look out to make sure that i dont give in. It helps for me that my house is smoke free and that no one else smokes here anymore so that for me is half the battle as i am not seeing or smelling it because i think if i did then i would need to be even stronger than i am being now.

I am also glad that this time around and because we dont go out very often that smoking has been banned in pubs, clubs, restaurants etc as i think that should have been done years ago. It also annoys me that people still smoke in there cars and esp when there are children in there and yet those kids cant escape. I have always said that i am the one addicted not anyone else so why do i have to subject others to my addiction.

Anyhow, thats my rant and rave for the day. BAN SMOKING in ALL CARS and IN HOMES WHERE THERE ARE KIDS! PS

Im not having a go at anyone this is my thoughts only and each to their own. Its just these are more of the reasons i wanted to stop because i i did not like subjecting others to my 2nd hand smoke. So to all my family and friends who have never smoked...i am sorry if i have done that in front of you and never thought properly about your feelings.


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a massive well done to you :) The tip about banning smoking wherever there are kids is great, not just because of their health but also because it will make it easier to quit and I'm sure ppl's kids really don't enjoy seeing their parents smoke.

Eitherway, also wanted to say that this is exactly when you should move onto Month 1 because once you hit the 1 month mark you are meant to move only month 2 as it is 'suppport for everyone in their 2nd month'.

So Basically month 1 is there for those just having completed 3 weeks and about to complete the first month :)

I hope that makes sense... my brain is all over the place today!

Have a great day :)


Confused~Dont take much


Im off to start a new thread in the Month 1 section, i think i understand now.



Same day

Woohoo, I guess since I quit the same day as Jo, I better jump to 1 month as well!



All those in week 4 - move along to the Month 1 forum :D.


Well done nutty :D

You have done brilliantly



evening Jo,

Three weeks already brilliant - treat yourself to something sparkly!!!!

think the reward chart is a brilliant idea and at the moment im crossing days off the calendar - but sod that now - love the idea of more glam gold stars and can spend ages making a really colourful calendar. will keep my hands busy for ages and out of trouble. Cant believe i didnt think of that before cheers jo for the inspiration.

Dont beat yourself up bout not knowing where to post on the forum it seems quite a confusing system (sorry moderator dont delete this post still love you x x x ) as i would think 1month part would be when i'd finished one months etc. But i'm thankfully only a day behind you so can be a sheep and just follow you. BAAAA!!! Anyway doesnt take alot to confuse me nowadays - my boss is not a happy person about my levels of concentration lately but cest la vie!!!

Love that youre still so upbeat on your posts jo - bet everybody knows that you must have your crap days like the rest of us but really like reading your posts. Stick kettle on for me in month camp will be there with you before kettles boiled. Yipeee!!!! 3 weeks gone already!!!!

Hows the knitting going??? Know you stepped down a gear with it so you didnt bankrupt yourself buying wool!! lol. you finding other ways to keep you occupied??


Cheers Guys and Gals

Those not there yet i will see you soon in the month 1 and those already there make mine a Large Coffee please cos its too early in the morning for anything stronger ;)



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