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day 16 & dont know what to do

hey everybody, am abit stuck, dont know what to do and need advice asap.

i quit using patches and not really had many problems with them normally feel a little faint and anxious when a fresh one goes on but last nite my patch came off when i was having a bath and didnt want to put a new one on cos when i put a fresh one on at nite there mess up my sleep. So i left it and put a new one on this morning before i left the house. I didnt start work till 930 so popped to wilkinsons for some essentials before work - i found my self leaning against a stand/shelf (whatever) with my head in my arms. I have never felt so nauseous in my entire life my stomach was doing somersaults and was 100% certain i was going to throw up in front of everybody in shop. :eek:

Problem was that for next hour the nausea would hit me like a brick wall, come from nowhere and then go again after 2 mins. (i am definately not pregnant- that was the first thing my mum asked - but 100% not - trust me its impossible) Realised that i hadnt eaten all morning before putting patch on so had some food and eventually felt better.:)

Im a little nervous about putting my patch on tomorrow - irrational i know - cant really afford to lose a hour or two in the morning feeling rubbish instead of cracking on with my pile of work. Now im umming and errring whether or not to go cold turkey - am scared that if i change what im doing now i could jeopardise my progress.

Have recently cut my patches in half and have had some moderate nicotine withdrawal symptoms since then - so i know ill had bad withdrawal. But on the other hand i really want to get away from nicotine ASAP. am definately out of the habit of smoking a cigarette (been cutting down/not smoking all day at work for a few months now) just still addicted to nicotine at the moment. Any ideas????:confused::confused:

Im sorry for being so negative guys - dont mean to be, its just the novelty of the quit has worn off now and am still proud of myself but the reality is setting in that im gonna feel shocking for the next few weeks. But i can quit for good and im going to - no worries about that am still very very determined. i want to have a baby in the next few yrs so am getting healthy.

sorry for moaning x x x

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You don't realize how strong a person really is until you see them at their weakest m

Those are your words Amy not mine, and I can see how your NRT is getting to you a little, remember though that you need to make sure you are eating an adequate diet when using it.

I quit CT but found I did need to eat regular or I felt a little iffy when I started my quit, so maybe with the Nicotine going into your system it affects you worse, I don’t honestly know but I’m sure there are others who have used it and who will give you sound advice.

If you do decide to cut out the NRT then CT is not so bad, no matter what happens you will have to give up the nicotine eventually either way you decide to go we will be with you all the way.

Cutting down even more could be the answer if you decide you still need to have that little bit of help, have you got a no smoking nurse you can get advice from???


Hi Amy,

First of all don't apologise for moaning that is one of the reasons for the forum.

I quit CT so can't really advise on patches, however I have read enough around here to know that lots of people advise not to sleep with a patch on. I think not eating would mess up your head as well, so maybe a combination of things made you feel faint and sick?

As for going CT now, well that of course is up to you, only you know if that is the right thing to do. I would recommend reading the links, reading lots of posts, and moaning as much as you need.

You should feel very proud of your quit, it is a strong, healthy quit and you need to do whatever it takes to keep it that way

Sending you a hug and some PMA.


I'm thinking that the patches are too high dosage for you? I'm on 21mg and take them off at bed time, as i can't sleep properly with them on. Instead of cutting them in half maybe try a lower strength one?


thanks bevyorks & jamangie for your words of encouragement and advise.

Think ill try and wean myself off nicotine asap. will cut patch into quarters from now on and then go cold turkey over the weekend. It really helps my confidence that two people that have been successfully quit for ages are taking the time to help push me on. Helps reinforce my faith that i can do it!!! Thanks

Am determined to do it this time - have hardly smoked for few months before i quit altogether. still feeling positive that i want to do this and i am STRONG enough to do this. My OH smokes and we came back from 3 days in york last week after a short romantic break. He was chain smoking next to me the whole time but i kept making myself think 'eww that stinks etc' to put myself off it. IN our spare room right now is a packet of cigs and some rolling tobacco - my OH leaves it there when hes at work. Theyre right there if i want one but i might feel physically rubbish and abit emotional but i dont crave a cig.

Just want to be free of this nicotine addiction once and for all. NRT makes me ill but am scared of cold turkey in case i give in.

You both write about the fact that i hadnt eaten before putting the patch on - just want to reassure you that the only reason i hadnt had breakfast was that i was still full from all the crap id eaten the night before. lol. am definately still orally fixated at the moment. If you saw me youd know undereating was not an issue with me lol hahahahaha.:o:o

Thanks again for the support you guys and making me feel abit more secure about moaning on this forum. nobody in my 'normal' life seems to have any answer 99.9% of the time. theyre dont understand.

Make myself write this every day as many time as i can.

i am addicted to nicotine but today i CHOOSE not to smoke.

Thanks for reminding me jamangie of my signature -

You don't realize how strong a person really is until you see them at their weakest moment!!!


Hi Amy,

Im glad you are sounding more positive now.

I started on Champex and was so sick I had to stop them after a week, I had never even considered (ever) going CT, but I did, and I am actually finding it easier than with NRT which I have tried numerous times in the past.

Good luck with whatever you choose,


Hi Amy,

I'm on 21mg patches and the morning nausea thing gets to me too. What I do to gte round the few hours of feeling like crap in the morning is set my alarm two hours earlier than I need to, put my new patch on and go back to sleep. I'm not saying this will work for everyone, but certainly does for me.

Keep on staying away from the cigs, whatever you feel like now, you'll feel so much better in the long run x


When I used NRT last quit it made me feel really sick, I went CT but kept the patches around. I told myself I was CT but if I was going to have a ciggie, I would have to put a patch on first for 10 minutes before I bought ciggies - stayed quit for over a year. Maybe try something like that. In other words, I kept the patches around as a crutch - and trust me that first ciggie after a quit (all mine were almost a year all longer) makes the sickness you feel on a patch like childs play!!


Hi Amy,

First of all, well done on your quit so far, you have done so well, especially with your OH not only smoking in front of you but leaving stuff in the house with you.

As others have said, only you can decide whether to go CT or not. A lot of people find that CT is easier than using NRT. I have triend both NRT and CT and the only times I have succeeded for more than a couple of days is when I have gone CT. But, and I stress this, that is my personal experience.

I would strongly suggest visiting the Whyquit webside and reading as much as you can from there.

Good luck with whatever you decide and please, please use us.

Last smoked, Oct 17, 2010


many thanks

Thankyou to everyone who took the time to reply to my request for advice.

Really does help!!!

this morning i put on the smallest patch you have ever seen. cut one an inch squared. Ate 4 slices of toast before i put it one. No symptoms thankfully but i was nattered and worrying bout it all morning. Decided to take off my patch at 11.30am and so now am cold turkey. Abit nervous but gotta come off nicodemon sooner or later. Anxious in case i start getting bad symptoms (im a natural worrier if you havent noticed lol).

Am gonna go back to day 1 posts and read what symptoms i can expect so i can be prepared for what to expect and how long it lasts. Itsinthegenes - will defo keep a patch on standby and will have this forum as a crutch if it gets difficult.

Thanks for all the advice and understanding. love you guys for being there x x x



I have been CT since I stopped and have had no 'syptoms' to speak of. I have had cravings but thats it. I have stopped twice before (real trys not the couple of days tries) once with NRT and once with champix and they were both harder than going CT.

It maybe that I am just in a better place mentally now. I know I don't want to smoke anymore. It was my choice to stop. I haven't been guilted into to it. No one is making me do this, except me !

You can do this, you may have a rough day or two but you will get through it.



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