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Completed 5 months

It's been a few days since i completed my 5th month of being a no smoker.

I'm now into my 6th month and am really looking forward to the half year milestone in December.

It's been rough and i still have cravings. Actually i'm having a pretty bad craving just now, but as i'm sure you all know, posting on the forum is good therapy.

Good luck to everyone with their quits. Hang in there and don't give in. It's so worth it in the end.

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You must be so proud of yourself, well done


Hi James,

A huge well done to you. 5 months done and dusted, sorry to hear you were having a bit of a bad moment, but they all pass and as time goes by they get less and less, I promise.

Posting is great therapy, and so is reading. As you know the key to success is education, so keep reading the links. You'll be in the penthouse before you know it.


Hey ya James!

Congrats!! I'm just right behind you still !! It's alway so comforting to see one of your posts, just knowing we're in or around the same boat!

Have you thought about why you might be getting this craving, is there a particular trigger that's popped up that hasn't in a while?

We all know this is a struggle - but, that doesn't mean we won't succeed!

You are doing awesome James, and I think of ya like a big brother on this board - look forward to celebrating the 6 month mark with ya!!

Big hugs.



Thank you Sylvia, congrats to you as well. I think we are both doing great!

As for the cravings, i get more when i'm at work on the ship. At home i can drink alcohol which i find lessens cravings for me. At work i'm not allowed to drink therefore i crave more. It can be unpleasant sometimes but the cravings are manageable and to be honest, not so frequent anymore.

For sure i will not be throwing away all this hard work i've put in to reach 5 months! :)


I Am sure i will not be throwing away all this hard work i've put in to reach 5 months! :)

thats def what would keep me going well done mate superb :)


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