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7 weeks and counting

well good evening chaps and chappettes how are all my little non smokers :D

Now 7 weeks since I gave up this dirty stinking rotten habit ;) god I feel strong today:)

There has been some tough days but its definately getting better, my only problem now is I have put on a fair bit of weight.. I will have to join a weight watchers forum now to try and help me get over my addiction to pies and sweets..christ its never ending.. I have just worked out that I have saved myself nearly £300 since I gave up!! not bad I say ..well its probably only £40 if you take off the amount I have spent on pies sweets and cakes ..well be fat and positive thats what I say ...

Rant and preach over good luck to everyone take each day one at a time and be good :D

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Evening mr g.

Just wanted to say how inspirational your past few posts have been for me to read - youre doing really well, staying positive about quitting and just taking it one day at a time.

I'm only on day 14 but am now addicted to this forum now instead of cigarettes and can literally spend hours reading posts when a cravings rears it's ugly head. Cant wait for all the days and months to go by and i can slowly move up the ranks of the forum. Sometimes i have to control my excitement and remember to take it one quitday at a time cos if you take your eye off the ball the NIcodemon will strike in a moment of weakness.

Dont worry about the weight it's to be expected - and remember it's alot healthier to be a bigger non smoker than a skinny smoker. if you can quit smoking losing weight will be a breeze. am confident that when your body gets used to working normally as a nicotine free machine again that some of the weight will come off naturally. (at least that's what i'm hoping for):eek:

Thanks for the inspiration - wait for me in the year forum and keep me a drink on ice till i get there. well done we can do it!!!!!:D:D


Well done Mr g!!

Thats a brilliant achievement- you must be so proud of yourself.

Stay vigilant!


thanks mr

:rolleyes:nice poasting mr your storys are on the button ,cheers not that i drink eyther .


Thanks guys :) one has to keep ones percker up :eek: if you know what I mean :D It is tough as you all know but this site I must admit has kept me going where did I put my biccies


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