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Day 14 & smug mode at work

I'm so so sorry maybe i should not be saying this as i could be chastised as a hypocrite - but today i got no end of pleasure looking through the window at work and seeing all my colleagues huddled under a single umbrella, shivering, moaning about the weather and puffing on cancer sticks.:D Was chuckling to myself all day today thinking about them coming back in the office soaked and really hope the weather is crap tomorrow so it can cheer me up again at breaks. Maybe i'm being nasty but ive had to put up with the same thing for

years now. Seems crazy now standing in horrid weather just to smoke - INSANITY - what were we thinking????:confused:

90% of people at work smoke so the building is pretty empty at dinner so i am missing out on the gossip and social side of work abit but if that is what i have to be a non smoker so be it!!! PLus my main manager is a non smoker so i am getting browny points talking to him more on breaks!!;)

I dont know if anyone else has noticed this but work is alot less stressful now - cant decide if it's because im not subjected to all office politics, redundancy rumours and bitching that goes on at break, Or if i am just coping with stress alot better cos feeling in control more now that ive taken charge of my life and stop smoking.

First day back at work after 9 days off and not smoking at work is alot easier than at home - i simply do not go outside at breaks, then no chance of smoking.

feeling very good today - the days will fly by now i'm back at work. Into week 3 group tomorrow!!!

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good on ya:) its when they come wondering back in dripping wet and absolutely minging off stale smoke :eek: its enough to make you sick....

thats whats good about being a non smoker well done and keep it up...


Morning Amy

I just wanted to add that NO i dont think its smug of you to think like that, i know when i go out now i find it really amusing sometimes to see people stood by a doorway with there little friend and i think to myself "God im glad i dont do that anymore" but at the same time i find it very annoying that as i walk past they are there with those things and even though i dont want one I also notice people who smoke or who have just had one and TBH it makes my stomach churn.

I am only a day ahead of you but in those 16 days i have changed in more ways than one, i am just hoping that i dont end up being an anti-smoking ex smoker who ends up dictating to others about their habit, that would be so bad of me to do that.

Like you i like being in the warm now, i like knowing i can speak to people and know i dont smell and i know that i am a lot healthier and happier for it.

Enjoy the rest of the day. LOL


Hi Amy,

That is uncanny, I had exactly the same thoughts on the way to work this morning. It's tanking it down and freezing here in London and to see groups of people or even individuals huddled in a dry spot, freezing their whatsits off, puffing away and looking pretty damn miserable about it, does make me feel incredibly smug and proud at what I, and all of you have achieved. Why on earth did we do it? And the smell? OMG!! I always used to come back into the office after a ciggie break, spray a bit of perfume on myself and think no-one would notice....was I insane? I must have reaked!!

Am on Day 8 myself and after a really naff day yesterday, and feeling very positive and upbeat again today :D


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