tia? sore jaw??

Ok that perked my interest.

Tia said her jaw is sore from eating. But you know what, I don't think that's it!!

My jaw is sore too, the joints. It was so bad that I could barely open my mouth during week 2, now it is slowly getting better.

I know I enjoy eating more these days, but that isn't doing this on the jaw.

I was wondering if the jaw adjusts to the no-longer-sucking motion that we have been doing with such regularity over decades and all of a sudden no longer do this movement. Go ahead, suck on an imaginary cigarette, thats what our jaw is no longer doing and I think that makes it sore.


anybody else notice that??

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  • No I can't say that I have had that particular problem. Sorry.

    Maybe you were so stressed out, you were unconciously clenching your jaw?

    I really don't have a clue. :o

  • Hi Notme

    Sorry i dont have a clue to why you would have felt like that although i have experienced more pain in my lower back but again that could be down to almost anything and not related to smoking at all, we will never know.

    I still have the mouth ulcers which are slowly going now thank goodness but other than that nothing else. Catch ya later


  • I am still suffering from mouth ulcers, and occasional cold sores (which I am managing to prevent with my new gizmo). But my mouth is sooooo sore, the pain is traveling up my face to my eye, a neuralgia I know, god I wish I felt better.

    Im being a real moaning minnie, but sick fed up of feeling like shyte :mad:

    Still not going to smoke though ;)

  • Tia, sorry you are still suffering with this, is there nothing the Dr's can give you to help? Glad you are still going strong on your quit :D:D

  • Hi Sian,

    I got an antibiotic today, my ulcers are infected and it has affected the nerve that works the right side of my face.

    My sisters reply when I told her,' for god sake go and buy a packet of fags.

    That will be right!!!

  • My sisters reply when I told her,' for god sake go and buy a packet of fags.

    That will be right!!!

    Of course, what else could help sort out infected ulcers other than exposing them to poisonous smoke 20 times a day :confused:

    So glad you have got something for it now. In a few days you should feel loads better and in a week or two you will be past this bit.

    Have a good weekend :)

    Sian xx

  • Hi Tia,

    Hope you don't mind, but could I ask what your new gizmo is for your cold sores as I am having an attack of them right now and they are getting me down. Any info would be great.



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