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Hi everybody, fellow quitters yeah!!:D

Day 6 and I'm feeling good about life and the future. I'm doing loads of stuff I wouldn't normally do like picking up my guitar, tidying out drawers that never get tidied, playing with my kids more and thinking about other people generally much more than usual. Normally I'd be thinking about fags and rizlas and lighters and going out into the rain and cold and all that crap. Thank goodness its over all the years of nonesense. Good luck everyone, we can do it no probs!!

George :cool:

Smoker for 25 years, 20 a day, gave up on 31st October 2010 using Allen Carrs EASYWAY method

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Go George, Go George :)

Well day 6, well done you, thats great. We are all so proud of you.

Nearly into the start of week 2 now, OMG it goes quick dont cha think. You make sure u stay strong and DONT GIVE IN to that NASTY NICODEMON.

Have a great weekend and heres to another week.



Thanks for your support, Jo. I'm glad I found this place - just to know other people are going through this is comforting. Sounds like you're doing well, well done, you're an inspiration!

All the best

George x :)


Hi George

Fantastic start to your quit, you can be rightly proud of yourself.

Keep on keeping on.


Thanks Gary - yeah feeling very positive this time and this place is great, thamnks for your support and good luck to yourself!



Day 7 of the rest of my life

Smoked 20 + a day for 45 years. Apart from the health issues - I was wheezing and coughing - the money was just ridiculous. Now on a pension - just think of the treats I could afford without burning it away!

Have been a serial giver-upper - but I'd reached the point where I hid the fact that I smoked I was so ashamed of myself.

Gave up on Nov 2nd - the day my 4th grandaughter was born.

This time......


Well done JBD

Wishing you all the best...I've been a serial quitter too but determined this time to quit for good

So glad I'm no longer a tobacco slave! Come on we can do it!:D


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