No Smoking Day
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this going to be a good day,

:) Hello , Snowie, Jo, Ed, Embo, Sian, terri, and everyone who helped me through yesterday, woweeee, day 2, Bring it on .. if anyone else is on day 2 and could do with a quit buddy, give me a shout. But really big big thankx go to all of you for your sterling work yesterday, i now want to help ppl who are on day 1, luv you all .... ken x

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Hey Ken!! :)

You're doing great and made it through the dreaded day 1!! Now watch those days, weeks and months mount up!!

Good on you for wanting to help others so early in your quit. I find that that's a two way thing for me. By offering advice, thoughts, or support to others, I also reinforce my own quit.

Good luck Ken. You *can* do this.



Great to see you so enthusiastic!

We can all do this together... it's great to get yourself a smoking buddy but remember you've always got all the older posts on this site - each of which are like a friend I find :)

Have a great day 2!


Congrats Ken, in my experience the first three days were the hardest, then a bit of a struggle on day 9, but otherwise have not really thought about ciggies - it is worth it :D


Afternoon Ken

and welcome to day TWO!!!

You are doing really well, nice to see you are feeling so happy and positive..

I really feel this it for you, you are so going to succeed with this quit :D

Snowie x


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