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New here .. on Day 3


Hello everyone , just joined tonight so glad i have found this place :D

Smoked my Last one midday 2nd Nov , I am halfway through my 3rd day of being smoke free , I am thrilled to have got this far as i never thought i would be able to , I am using the patch which is helping and have started knitting and Cross stitching to give me something to do, yesterday was a bad day and found it difficult but today has been a lot easier , hoping things stay this way .. My husband and Brother in Law quit at the same time and so far we are all smoke free and proud :D

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Levs1000 Days Smoke Free

Hi Happyme,

Welcome to the site and well done on getting to day 3. You will find loads of help and support on here. Have a good read through the site and have a read through the links on peoples signatures.

I see you are a knitter, there is a couple of us using it to help us with our quits, I am knitting a mamouth scarf at the moment and I think Jo is on her 12th lol.

Look forward to chatting with you.


Hi Happyme.

Well done on the quit and well done to your hubby and bro in law... must be really nice to have that extra support :)

Im on the patch too and think its brilliant, apart from my off days like i see you had one yesterday.

This forum is fantastic for support hun, so if you have questions or need advice or even need to vent your anger... feel free to do it here lol

Speak soon

Snowie xx

Thankyou Sian :) Ive started knitting a blanket for my daughter , it does help a lot , we have 4 Children 2 who are Autistic so instead of reaching for the ciggies i pick the knitting up :D

Thankyou Snowy .. my real Name is Teresa :)

It is helping that there are 3 of us helping each other but i am so glad i found this forum , I am finding so far the patch is working great , i just have problems sometimes getting it to stick. Really looking forward to tomorrow so i can say im in my 4th day of no smoking :)

Hi Teresa, welcome to the forum :).

I'm beginning to think we should have a knitters' group here!! :p

Sian and Snowie have summed this forum up perfectly. It's helped me immeasurable during the three weeks I've been here and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't still be smoke-free were it not for the wonderful support and encouragement I received - particularly in the first few days.

That's great that your husband and Brother in Law have quit at the same time. You can give each other mutual support and encouragement. I often read here of people attempting to quit while their partners continue smoking. That must be so hard to deal with.

Read and post often Teresa and we'll all be in the Penthouse before we know it :).

Good luck, and we'll be checking up on your knitting progress :D.

Ed xx

Hi Teresa

So nice to hear that you have joined the stop smoking club too. Its also good that your OH and BIL have quit at the same time, that should help because your not going to be around all that horrid smoke when your trying to stay stopped.

Take it one day at a time and like you i started the knitting to keep myself busy and i think i have passed the bug onto others now, im on day 12 smoke free and number 12 scarf so im doing almost one per day of my quit, but its getting less and less because i have adapted my lifestyle now so i dont think about those nasty little blighters anymore.

Anyhow, well done to you as you have made the best adult decision that you have made in a long time and thats to say NOPE to those horrid little cancer sticks.

I have one of my son's (17) who has aspergors syndrome so i sort of know where your coming from. Good luck hun and keep up the good work, it does gradually get easier. ;)


Hi Ed Nice to meet you , I know i couldn't have quit if i was around anyone who was still smoking , it would make it too difficult.

So far so good :D

Hi Nuttynursee nice to meet you :D

I really didnt think I would be able to get this far , and as each day passes my confidence that i can do this gets that little bit better :)

It is nice to know that it does get easier , feels really strange not picking a cig up after nearly 30 years of being a heavy smoker :)

Teresa x

Day 3

Hi all

This is day 3 for me and Im finding the non-smoking ok. Using Champix but find I have become quite attached to an empty nicotine inhaler!! Think its helping me. Good luck to you all :)

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