No Smoking Day
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3 weeks ( 22 days )

Still alive and kicking

Today is the start of my 22nd day smoke free.

Sounds great saying that , who would of thought I could get this far.

Cannot wait to say I have been smoke free for 1 whole month bring it on.

I have very little or any nicotine cravings now . which is all good because the first few days where a right killer .

The last time I can honestly say I had a craving was on Saturday night when I was at a firework display.

My friend was smoking and I thought I could do with one of them, I walked past him then I was hit in the face with a massive disgusting smell. (no thanks )

So I just carried on tucking into my black peas o yes

Anyways good luck everyone keep going

Time passed

3 weeks, 10 hours, 57 minutes, 55 seconds

Cigarettes not smoked


Money saved


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You are doing so well Gary. I'm glad the cravings are easing up. I'm a week or so behind you and still having nagging ones every now and again.

Well done hun x


black peas?? tell me more...

Well done and you will soon be counting in months. Just take baby steps and it will soon all mount up.

Keep going :)



A huge huge well done to you ;)

Not long now until you do write............


How great does that sound eh?

So proud of you Gary :)

Snowie xx


Well done Gary

Be strong:D


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