No Smoking Day
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Good News and Bad News

Good news is that when I was stood outside the cinema waiting for my friend to turn up all I could smell was smoke and it was horrible. Even when my friend arrived and was smoking I didn't want it at all. It just smelled really stale and awful. So am well chuffed with myself.:D

Bad news, film was totally rubbish:mad:. 2 Hours of my life i'll never get back. Although that was almost made up by my best mate asking my daughter what type of phone she had. My daughter passed it over to show her and my best mate said oh it that one of those blueberrys. Erm no hunni its a blackberry :D

Night all

S xx

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It's heartening isn't it, when that change happens?

The smell becomes unpleasant and the appeal of a smoke vastly reduces :cool:

You'll kind of make that time back ....... how many minutes did you spend smoking a day ... how many smokes a day?.

What are you doing now with that time gained/not lost?

All the best

Pol :)



I was a bit too worried to open this then :eek:

Well done hun on staying strong and i am very glad to hear the smell was awful for you.

I cant wait for when i feel like that lol.

Pmsl @ your friend... did you tell her ??



wow super cool! You did well :)

I was going to have a nice time out today, but alas, threw out my back, ugh, not so cool! Can barely sit here and type...

Funny thing was, my first thought was after it took me 20 minutes to put on clothes this morning that its a good thing I don't have to figure out how to manage how to get out and smoke now LOL....

Sorry about that movie, but there are worse things to waste your time with ;)


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