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Putting up the bell tent

Hi Everyone.

Into my 3 rd week and today was ok I reread Carr's book and it started to make sense.

I thought I am just going to enjoy today and not think about the craves,if they come I will try to enjoy them.

Yes,they came but diminished somewhat.

Now for the bell tent.

My 16 year old grandson wants a halloween party so my daughter lent us her huge bell tent,which I had to put up with a friend.

We did it and usually I would smoke away whilst pondering how to put it up but did't and feel really good about it.

Trouble is I am eating a lot more and do not want to be fat.

Must take the dog for longer walks and my dog has lost weight due to the fact in the first week I took him for long walks twice a day.

Slowly I am begining to feel proud of myself.

Now that was a distration for you.

Take care and just do not under estimate yourself.


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Well done Terri

That must be a great feeling to know that before you would have been puffing away yet today it did not bother you and you managed to just get on and do what you have to do. Thats a great acheivement to you so well done and keep it up.

Your poor dog, but its good that you are finding things to keep ya busy and occupied, mine is knitting and i can only do scarves so everyone is getting more than one ;)

Im waiting on a copy of the Allen Carr book so that i can learn more about the addiction and novelty to this smoking lark and why it has such a hold over us and when i get it no doubt i will be busy reading that too.

Take care and enjoy the weekend, smoke free



Hi Terri, well done hun!! you are doing so well!!

It's a great feeling when you do something that normally you'd have done whilst puffing away and realises that you hadn't thought about smoking. You should be really proud of yourself :)


Dear Jo and Karen.

Just come back from the meal from hell.

Really Really could have done with a cig.

Inate pop music,very bad and slow service,bored patner and a moody teenager.

A meal to remember!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Welll I did not smoke and the only reason I did not because it wuold have caused even more agro.

So I am going to my bed and may the force be with me.




You are doing so well and for all the right reasons, if you have time try and read some of my posts, it might help your resolve.

Keep going, it does get better



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