Knock Knock, any room at the inn?

Good Morning Lovely People.

Thought I would pop in and say hello. Into 3 weeks today and am on real high. After getting through the cravings yesterday I feel quite elated today.

Off out to the cinema tonight which should be easy. Have got a wedding reception tomorrow though. Have decided not to drink as not sure I am ready for that yet. One step at a time as they say.

Sian xx

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  • Well done on getting to week 3.

    Hope you have a fantastic time tonight, and I think not drinking at the reception on Saturday might help as well.

  • whhop whoop

    You must feel so proud hun!!!

    WEEK THREE does that not sound amazing???

    Have a lovely time at the cinema tonight, what are you watching??? and good for you deciding not to drink tomorrow and take it one step at a time, it really does work taking these steps

    Well done Sian


  • Have a lovely time at the cinema tonight, what are you watching???

    Going to see Paranormal Acvtivity 2. Can't wait, even if the film is rubbish going with my best mate and we'll have a laugh whatever.

    Week three does sound amazing. Going through alot of sugarfree mints at the moment but i'm sure i'll be able to slow down on the eventually lol

    S xx

  • Well Done You

    Hi Hun

    Sorry just seen this post. Well done on getting to Week 3 that is so amazing. Let us know tomorrow if that film was any good. We went and watched that Despicable Me on Monday and we thought it was brilliant, really funny.

    Here's to many weeks, months and years as a Non Smoker hun, keep it up your doing so well.

    Enjoy your evening and the weekend.


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