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Day 5 by Jo

Good morning all,

This is day 5 for me, i know i fill in this everyday but until i can feel 100% confident that its not going to come back and bite my bum i need to fill in my daily diary also it will help to look back and see how i got on.

Getting up routine is still weird, still cant drink coffee that now has a really nasty taste so im back onto tea now, maybe my taste buds will change again in a few weeks and i will be able to drink it again.

Im still not 100% confident on my own if that makes any sense, next week i have a hospital appt and if i were going on my own it would be harder for my little brain to cope with so i have roped my mum into coming with me and hopefully she will keep my mind off of things.

My OH is back at work today, he has been off for just over a week, we were meant to go away but we stayed home in the end, have decided that we will go away next year somewhere with the kids, maybe in May. We will see.

I have a new floor lamp coming today, where i sit and do my kniting and crochet its quite a dark corner and makes it awkward to see what i am doing so i had a look through the Argos and found a nice half price lamp, ideal for the dark corner and also for the darker early nights coming up.

I am hoping that my elder son when he does his driving lesson later that he will nip in and collect it for me.

Anyhow, still feeling positive, still have those nasty thoughtss though but im NOT going to give in. I find its every so often that i think that there is something missing esp when i wake early in the morning i used to get up at about 6 because i needed that first one but now im staying in bed till 7/7.30 which is extemely good for me. Today im gonna chill a bit more, no OH here just me and the boys so i think we will just relax today.

I can thoroughly reccomend getting some 6.5mm knitting needles. 2 balls o 100g chunky wool, cast on 20 stitches and knit a scarf or 2, they are coming along nicely and i started my first one last Wed or Thur and now i have made 5. I am crocheting at the mo not with a peticular item in mind just to keep me busy, i cant knit anything other than scarves as i have never been taught how to read or do the patterns but seeing as up until last Wed i could not cast on, i watched a video on You Tube showing how its done then on Thurs when i needed to cast off i watched another video on You tube showing how that is done so there is hope for all.

Anyhow, keep up the good work today everyone, i will be back on later and let ya know how Day 5 went.;)


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Good Morning Jo,

You keep writing your diary as long as it helps you. Thats what this site is for. To help in anyway it can.

I've got to wait in for deliveries today, although shouldn't moan as its a new dress for me to wear to a wedding reception tomorrow, but on the otherhad wouldn't need a new dress if I hadn't put on weight lol.

Well thats my plans today, oh and sew the leg and wing back on the chicken, they fell off yesterday, daughter is most distressed.

Speak soon

S xx


Well thats my plans today, oh and sew the leg and wing back on the chicken, they fell off yesterday, daughter is most distressed.

Hello Hun

I take it from the quote above that it must have been a TOY not a real one so otherwise that would be a little weird.

Lets hope that you dress arrives in good time. Make sure you have a great day tomorrow. Keep up the good work.



Congrats Jo,

You are doing great and sounds so positive. Keep up the good work!

LOL at sewing a wing and a leg on a chicken - took reading twice to assume a toy!!:D


Hi Guys

Not long had my Champix and i have now a slight feeling if nausea, not nice


I hate taking these tablets and if im honest im not 100% convinced that these have been my main reason for stopping but i will continue for as long as i need to and then hopefully i will be off of them just after christmas as i feel very odd sometimes with them. I have not driven the car since starting them as i am worried about how they are affecting me but hey ho lets see.

Anyhow gonna go as i feel a little strange, catch ya later


You're doing great Jo. Keep up the excellent work!! Do whatever you have to do to keep off the cigs. Sorry about your nausea. I hope it passes soon.

Stay strong!!

Ed xx



Hi Guys

Well my new lots of wool for my chunky scarves has arrived so i can start my knitting again. I have also just done my twins christmas list (complete) and half of my elder sons, he also wants clothes so will have to take him down to our local big town to get his but thats me on the road to getting Christmas organised early.

I always do the toys shop now otherwise they sell out and then you cant get what the kids wanted so that part is done. I dont know what my OH wants but i will find out and get his at the end of the month, next month that is.

Anyhow i have a major headache right now and i have had some serious temtational thoughts which i have overcome but they were quite strong this morning. Im now at the start of Day 6 because technically my last cig was 10.55 sunday morning and im feeling slightly spaced out. I dont know why, maybe it will go later.

Anyhow, im gonna have a busy weekend wrapping gifts but im going to have a relaxing christmas because i wont be rushing about getting those last minute gifts. ;)



Hey Jo,

Sorry you're feeling a bit crap. Keep and eye on it and if it doesn't get any better maybe pop and see your nurse.

Yay to the new wool coming, maybe getting your head down and being able to concentrate on something will help you feel a bit more normal. Giveing up smoking can make you feel a bit spaced and foggy. It will pass.

Hope you start to feel a bit better soon

Sian xx


Jo, just go and relax or knit or do whatever makes you feel right. We have been pumping our bodies with 1000's of toxins on a daily basis - our bodies have no idea what normal is and we are bound to feel a bit funny while we adapt.

Think of the funny feelings as a positive your body is adjusting to the clean air it is now getting, and if it doesn't get better may be worth seeing the nurse?

Thinking of you and your knitting!


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