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into the 5 month :]

Greetings everyone,Ive quit smoking early in July and posted here early in my first weeks,and its really nice that places like this forum exist,because since i haven't smoked not a single fag since i quit,there are many days where i would question my choice,or the feeling of a some kind of boost for my lungs missing.And i can bravely say no im not missing anything in my life,and smoking doesn't solve anything,doesn't make time pass faster or keep you busy.And after coming here and reading some of the posts i see that all im not alone having all these feelings and emotions :)

and if you need some confidence boost at this milestone think about

1.All the money you saved since you quit (go buy something nice if you havent ;) )

2.Go jogging for an hour and feel your lungs think how would you feel if you smoked till now.

3.You not only managed to say i quit but,you are a non smooker now,try to tell that to people because your a proof now :D

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Hi doesit,

i am having a little peek at this month 4&5 section, as i am comming up to my 4th month so will be transferring here from the month 3 thread soon!

All of your points are so valid. I can now play footie with my kids for an hour without being out of breath, i am no longer really skint or worrying about how i am going to afford ciggies and still love being a non-smoker!!


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