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No Smoking Day
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last day in week 2!

Here I am, day 14?! seriously????

More hiking and pondering along the way here. Say, really thinking about this, this is my first 2 weeks EVER that I have been smoke free. Now THAT is scary.

I grew up with both parents smoking and picked it up along the way as a teenager. So, not only have not not ever been an adult without smoke, I've never BEEN without smoke.

Here is to a new life for the next 50 years :)

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It's my last day in week 2 as well. I have done this before but never been quite so sure of my quit before.

Heres to week 3 :D



You must feel so pleased and so you should :D

Same here, smoke has been around me all my life!

Heres to a fantastic week 3 for you



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