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hi justed pop in

hi every body,just poped in to see how things are ,glqd to see so many new quitters on here ,,,2 years since i stopped ,and the reason i did so well was this site ,good people on here ,,like nic stu marg linda ,there was so maney people to help u on here ,with out there help i would hav e gave in so quickley,,just have faith in your self it they say,, faith can move mountains,,had some good times on here ..most of us started togetter on here,and it was nice to share our progress as we went on throught the months.i was having a drink lsat sunday and i watched my mate smoking ,and i wounder what it would be like to have just one fag,,nooooooooooo,,bad bad,you have 1 dhen 2 etc etc etc ,you are back to the bad habit ,no thank you,,nice to see all is well with lot ,as i used to say keep the faith TONYX

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Thanks Tony!!

Congrats on making it two years, must be a fantastic feeling



Congratulations Tony,

Nice to see you on here and giving us newbies the inspiration to keep going and not look back.

Take care and enjoy your new found lease of life!


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