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Day 7 :D

Well, start of day 7 now. Feeling good, not really thought about cigs the last few days.

My son did not pee the bed last night, so I am taking him to get a treat (he is one of those where bribery works well!). Also helps me when I am not getting up several times to clean up him and the bed! He woke up at 4.30am to go to the toilet, so I think we are getting there!

My arms are feeling normal again today, no idea what that was about! Also managed to sort through some things with ex, so hopefully he will be a bit more helpful - explained to him I am doing it for our son, so his trying to derail me only hurts him! Men!!

Hope everyone is doing ok and not suffering

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Sounds like your son is getting there.

You are also sounding very positive, which is fantastic, I'll have to take a leaf out of your book today.

I'm also day 7 but am getting strong urges today, which I didn't have yesterday.

haven't got close to giving in yet though.



Glad that your both doing so well. :)

Also pleased to hear that your little man is doing well with his night time training. My twin boys were 7 & 8 when they finally went through the night, but weirdly they were dry during the day.

Anyhow, keep up the good work both of you, have a great day, keep busy.




HI Garry,

Keep up the good work - keep strong, and just think if you can get through this you can get through anything. I am planning my days around avoiding my triggers, and have been slowly adding in the things that would always be associated with a ciggie. It actually feels great when I don't have one!

Nutty - My son potty trained in the day time at 3, but has been in nappies at night until his 4th birthday 2 weeks ago! With the break up and moving countries neither of us was ready for bad nights! So far he has made it through the night every other night, and peed every other night! Hoping waking himself up to go is a step in the right direction, now to show him he can pee on his OWN at night (just like in the day!) and does not need to wake me up to take him to the toilet!!


Thanks Genes, I'll be strong.

Yesterday was fine but today is much harder.

But that is life isn't it?

One day at a time!!!!


Well back from town. Somehow a £2 wind up Percy the train ended up being a £13 Gordon that is battery powered! Fortunately, it works on his Tomica train set track he got for his birthday two weeks ago! Is quite nice to be able to treat him to that and just think, well I would have spent that on two days cigs before!

Also treated myself to a few new books to keep myself occupied. Feeling good, although have quit before so know not to be complacent. One thing for me is I gave up for over a year and know the reason I started was because I was angry at ex (who was not ex at the time) and I knew he HATED smoking, so started again to get to him. Stupid I know, but there ya go - I never claimed to be smart!


Good luck with the training soon get there. My eldest was a quick learner, dry day time by 2 and nights by 3 but for some reason my twins were not interested. In the end i bought them one of those alarms that go off when they get wet and within a couple of weeks, just in time for our holiday they were both dry.

Glad things are going on ok for you though, and heres to many more 7 days.

Jo x


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