No Smoking Day
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20 months :D

I've not smoked for about 20 months now. Never even think about it anymore and I cannot stand the smell of smoke now days. It literally smells like poison.

AND I've got my mum to stop aswell, shes been fag free for about 9 or 10 months after being a smoker for 40ish years :D

So listen, if youre trying to stop please please please dont give in. I went cold turkey and it was bad for about six weeks, no concentration, moddy etc. but if I can do it you can to. so dont give in, fight it. FIGHT IT you can beat it. I've saved about a grand since I stopped (I smoked amber leaf roleups at £2.70ish not the £5 a pack things).

so yeah, be strong you will do it.

the only downside is you will start wishing you could go back in time and pocket all that money you spent. I want my £13,000 back :( lol

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Oh wow...


Blooming brilliant

Snowie xx


Amazing, love reading posts like these. And well done to your mum too!


WOW I cannot wait until I'm no longer thinking about them! Well done 20 months is fantastic and well done to your mum too! :)


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