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Last Day today-Tomorrow will be Smoke Free

Hi All,

Well yesterday i only smoked 9 cigs all day when this time last week i smoked about 18 perday so when i got up this morning i resisted the temptation to go straight out for my first ciggy and waited nearly half an hour before i finally went and had my first puff of the day. Cant say i enjoyed it much but then again i cant say i have ever enjoyed smoking, as we all know its a habit, one which im going to break. I did have 11 cigs left in a pack but have decided to destroy 4 of them so i only smoke the last 7 today and then THATS IT! and when they are gone, yes thats it N.O.P.E. as i was informed yesterday and Tomorrow, a week early i am aiming to be Smoke Free :)

I have removed anything associated with smoking, but because i dont smoke indoors that was only minimal, a few lighters and thats about it. I emptied the outside ashtrays ready for the last butt ends to go into today then that can be placed in the bin. I have to keep the outside ashtrays as i still have friends who come round occasionally and smoke so they need those but for me, nah after today i wont need them.

I dont actually feel the strong URGE anymore to go out, yet i am trying to finish that last pack and then thats it, i really dont want to do this anymore and so thats why i decided that tomorrow will be the START of my new life. Im going to be busy tomorrow so thats the best time to start it.

Keeping busy is a plus i have found, hence all the knitting which i have just taught myself to cast on an cast off, all i need now is support from you guys and gals and to be there occasionally if you can. I have another Nurse appt on Tuesday so that she can see how im doing, but fingers crossed when i go up i can say that i have "Stopped now" and for Good.

Im actually a little petrified at doing this, i mean what do i do when i get that bliming urge to smoke, how on earth am i going to get through the first day without holding that little buddy of mine, we have been close friends for many years and im not convinced that my buddy will go quietly and that buddy of mine is gonna give me a fight, i know it will but im gonna have to take control and say a very BIG NO to that old friend of mine and say its not welcome anymore. I have just been out for cig number 2 and considering by now i would have had at least 5 i think thats pretty good going. I dont want the family to make a song and dance about me stopping as i feel that for me it would not help. I have tried to tell me OH just to leave me alone for a few days and not aggreivate me like he does as i just want to do this at my own pace, of course he gave up the last time i tried and he managed to stay off so in one sense thats a good thing because he knows what its like to try and give up but also he is worse because he notices it more and in a way is more patronising about it. Now i know its bad for you, we all do but come on how can you just switch of the switch of something that has taken over your life. Its not easy and i know that, yet this time i feel different, more in control, less pressure if you like. Smoking outside makes it easier because im not reminded of the nasty smoke smell that most would associate in doors and for me that will help a bit.

Im dreading in one sense tomorrow morning, when normally i would need that cig to start to the day, but being a 5 minute after i wake needing cig smoker for so many years today i managed to wait so hopefully tomorrow i can just wait and wait and i wont have any so im not going out to buy some, i mean why should i. I feel ready to give them up now i have to let my willpower kick in and stop me from going out to have one.

I dont actually know what i get from those things, i dont inhale and so i think its just as many of us know a really nasty habit. I will write most days on here, like a diary because i feel that it will help me. I know i dont want to smoke and for so many reasons its not financial yet we are all seeing the cost rise, its not just for my health but that helps its all sorts of reasons and ones that i know and no one else does.

I get bored easily, hence the starting again of knitting, i cant knit patterns but i can knit scarves so everyone in the family will get one while i aim to give up this nasty legal addiction.

Thank you for this great site, hopefully here i can get all the extra help and support im gonna need.

Wish Me Luck as i know its gonna be hard but this is only the beginning and from when i go tobed tonight i will wake up tomorrow a Non Smoker! :D



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Good Morning!!

It is quite scarey hun when you first give yourself a day to quit! So many things running through your head that will give your self some doubt about it.

I actually told my nurse my quit day was the 22nd, but went a day early instead.

I too was a get up in the morning and light up straight away girlie. But you can do it hun.

On the first day, instead of thinking one day at a time, try thinking hourly or even less. When you get that urge ( which does only last about 5 mins) say NO but maybe in half hour or so and then when you get to that next half hour repeat it all again. It really does help and before you know it, day one would have been done and dusted :)

In those minutes when the urge gets you, try and set your mind else where, take off to some where different, some where nice and relaxing or pick up your knitting , just by keeping your mind occupied the urge will go quickly.

Please do write a diray hun, that is helping me!! its kinda like my "FIX" of a morning to write an essay on here, rather than light up lol but it does help.

In fact i have this forum open all day on my computer so i can come over and have a read and get advice if needed!

Have you wrote down all your reasons for quitting yet in the reasons section?

i wrote mine down months ago when i gave up and have just bumped them up again to re-read. Athough you may not think it just yet, your reasons will out weigh all the good things you think smoking does.

So good luck for tomorrow, i wont be here for most of the day as got to drive to Southampton to take my inlaws for their cruise.

But will be on here the minute i get back for my eassay "FIX"

Snowie xx


Just Had Last Cig- As of 10.55am 25/10/10

Hi Snowie

Thank you for your reply. I will have to have a look at the reasons bit and put mine down. Well i just made an executive decision and had 3 puffs of cig #4 for today and at 10.55am i destroyed the rest. threw out the lighter, washed my hands, picked up my knitting and Thats it, SMOKE FREE.

I know its early days, and i am hoping to go out later and that should take my mind of off the URGEs that may come and haunt me, but i actually feel quite good about myself, its a week early and i am chuffed to bits that i have decided to do this.

My OH is trying to be supportive, but because he is an ex-smoker himself i find him worse than those who never have smoked, so in all honesty he is no help at all. As for the boredom and urges, over the last few days i have cut down and found excuses to help me through which is good because now i feel more prepared and i know i can do this.

Anyhow, thanks again for your reply, i have now joined the club and will need all the help and support going to get me through this. The Champix is doing pretty good too, that must be doing something because NO WAY could i have just done this before i started those and im only on day 5!


Jo x


Good on you for starting your quit early Jo!! And extra kudos for destroying your remaining cigs. I had to finish the ones I had left :o.

Good luck. I won't sugar-coat it and suggest it'll be plain sailing, but the reality of quitting's not nearly as bad as the thought of attempting it. Just watch out for those unguarded moments when you nearly convince yourself that one cig won't hurt. That's the trap I'm most at risk from. One puff will undo however many days, months or years you've put in. So NOPE (Not One Puff Ever!!).

Ed xx


Thank you :)

Oh, Thank you Ed,

I can see your in the early stages too and i want to wish you all the best too. If i can get through the rest of today then i think i may be on the home straight but dont get me wrong im under no illusions and i know there will be times when im going to get a real urge but because no one else in this house smokes and im a house wife i should be able to ease myself away from temptation now.

I will keep updating as i feel i need to make a diary so that people can see how im doing.

Thanks again though

Jo x:)


Good luck hun and well done :D

Dont forget to start posting your diary on day one ;)



Hi Ed

Is there a special place to start up a diary on here.


Jo ;)


Hi Ed

Is there a special place to start up a diary on here.


Jo ;)

Hi Jo,

No, there's not a special place for a diary (that I've found anyway). I'd say either progress through the 'Quitting Experiences' forums creating new threads as the time adds up :), or if you'd prefer it all in one place then maybe create your own thread in 'Tips'.

Hope that helps.

Ed xx


I knew you wouldn't be still smoking next week :D Well done on just doing it today. Thats what I meant with the champix, did the same for me when I used it.

I am really not one for stuff like this but I found a bit of positive affirmation helped when the craving hits. It's stupid, I saw it on the TV and when I had my first really bad craving it popped into my head and it really helped. I just think to myself 'I am a strong, independant women and I can do anything I set my mind to'.

No idea why it helps, and as I said really not my sort of thing normally but for some reason it helps me get through it so am sticking with it.

Oh and sugar free mints are a god send lol Just take one hour at a time and remember there is normally someone around if you need a vent or some support.



7 hours since last Cig-Wow i feel GOOOOD :)

:)Gee thank you Guys and Gals for your sound advice. Its been over 8 hours since my old buddy and i parted and on good terms i might add.

Now i can say the following~

After my last cigarette


Blood pressure drops to normal

Pulse rate drops to normal

Body temperature of hands and feet increases to normal

8 HOURS~ This is ME

Carbon monoxide level in blood drops to half of normal levels

Oxygen level in blood increases to normal

So now because my last cig was 8 hours ago my Carbon Monoxide Level should be almost back to normal. I must admit i dont have any chestiness like i did before, im not wheezing a bit but the only thing all the gum i have been chewing has given me mouth ache, oh well cant have it all can i.

I have just got back from going out for the day with my OH & the kids and that has helped me keep my mind away from things. It may sound really weird but this feels so right for me, i actually have not had many thoughts on it and i dont actually miss the ciggies at the mo. I know that could all change but so far so good things are going on OK, tomorrow morning will be my testing time.

I think an early bath, then get in my jim jams, have a long day tomorrow and if im up late i think about them more so i may just snuggle up in bed early and see if the OH wants to join me too, well it is getting cold you know ;).

I will start a new diary as Day one tomorrow and update every day, that way i can keep track of things. This is it, im finally a NON SMOKER and im going to stay that way!

Take care all and again thank you

Jo x


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