No Smoking Day
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My last post of the week 2 boards today

Afternoon all .

this will be the last time I post on the 2 week boards .

I am on day 12 now but as it is the weekend coming up I don’t tend to go on the forum. ( save it for work time ) .

so when I arrive back in work I will be going onto the 3 week boards and closer to that magical 1 month.

really looking forward to a good drink tonight to celebrate my all clear mri scan results.

I know this will not be a problem because last weekend it didn`t bother me not smoking when i drunk .

I know it has only been just under 2 weeks but I cannot ever picture myself with a ciggie in the hand again .

maybe speaking to soon but only time will tell.

well anyways hope you all have a brilliant weekend and more importantly a terrific no smoking one as well.

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