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No Smoking Day
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5-4-3-2-1 and im off :o)

Well day one again for me after 5 months of smoking!!

Saw smoking nurse on Tuesday and because i had been to her before i didnt need to wait a week to decide.

Went in with the thought of using zyban again (which i used last year) but swiftly changed my mind when she told me the invisi patch was now on perscription!! So because i found the invisi patch brilliant i opted for that.

Was put right on the spot when she said she needed a quit date, as because i was in the wrong frame of mind again as thought i had a week to decide. Decided on the 22nd (tomorrow) as its my mums birthday and a date i would remember!!

But yesterday i didnt buy any cigs as i thought, what the heck, when they are gone they are gone i had about 15 in the pack.

So i smoked my last cig around 10pm last night and done the same routine i did before back in March.

Set alarm for 6am... stuck on a patch and went back to sleep, knowing that when i woke up my nicotine fix would already be done and........

Its worked!!!! have had the odd craving but nothing too bad yet, but i am sure that will change as the day goes on... i know how this demon works!!

sorry for the essay.... just keeping my hands busy lol

Snowie xx

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Well done for stopping again Snowie!

I'm using the patches too, although the woman at the clinic messed up and only prescribed me a weeks worth, i pay for prescriptions so I could of gotten 1 weeks supply cheaper off ebay, hopefully this week she'll give me 2 weeks supply.

Best of luck to you :)


Hi Karen,

lol i have to pay too but did get two weeks worth.

Earlier this year i brought them over the counter and then switched to ebay as cheaper :D

speak soon xx



Cravings comming thick n fast at the moment!!! had been ok all day until hubby got up!!

Not that he smoked near me, but i could just smell it and now i cant shake the feeling away. Fortunately he has gone on night shift and there is nothing in the house for me to smoke so will definately see this through!! might have some tears, bet hey ho id rather them :o

Got a busy day in morning so will do what i did this morning and pop the patch on about 6am then go back to sleep for an hour.... oh i just had a thought... could it be my patch running out now and giving me the craving??? it has been on for 14 and half hours......

snowie xx


Glad to have you back babe and it’s so good to hear that you are also back on the quit train and sounding upbeat about it.

You know it’s not easy but at least you do know that it’s so easy to let the nicco demon get the better of you so keep slapping on the patches and you will get there this time I’m sure, again I can’t say it too often welcome back and I hope this time it’s for good xx


Have you tried the lozengers Snowie? i tend to suck on them in the evening, although i only suck it for a few mintes and then spit it out. Will you be taking the patch off before bed? I do, as last time I used them i kept them on all night and couldn't sleep.

I had a few tears on day 1 and day 2, i felt really down. Keep strong Snowie!


Hi Jamangie hun,

Yes back for good this time :D

Karen tried a nicorette mini this morning... really stung my throat :mad:



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