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day 3

Well hello all, ive made it to day 3 lol woohooo, and i can say im feeling much much better than yesterday, im only taking half a tablet morning and night now as i was so ill after taking the 1mg last night. im going to see my smoking nurse on thurs so ill check that its ok to do half instead, but i suppose if im not smoking it shouldnt be a problem.

right im off to work now, feel about 3 stone heavier lol, at least ive got an appetite now, ive always been underweight, so im looking forward to having a bit of meat on me bones lol.

Take care Rachel xx

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Hi Rachel, you are quite unique in that you are actually looking forward to putting on weight, now we all look forward to the eating, but I am not so fortunate as to be able to afford to stash a few pounds :o

You are of course right, although you have halved your dose, as long as you feel good and it's having the desired affect, then I don't think it can be wrong, I'm sure the nurse will confirm any concerns you may have on Thursday.

Have a fabulous day 3, you deserve it.

Lorraine :)


I love cake!


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