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No Smoking Day
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Made it!

Hi guys!

I've made it to 1 month!!! (was at 4 weeks on Saturday but waited until today for the official calendar month)

I'm really so truly happy for having made it here, I'm still constantly scared that I'll relapse at some point down the line but I just feel so good about it right now that when I remember days like these it makes the bad days not so bad :)

I spent all of yesterday reading up on how impossible it is to just have one (www.whyquit.com) and, as Joel always is, it was very enlightening. Also was reading about the medical dangers of smoking... I thought I really knew about all of this (In my school they used to show us pictures of black lungs since we were 11 in Science classes) but yesterday it was different. Yesterday I realised that the black lungs with emphesema are not the 'special worst case scenarios' - they are pictures of the future for me if I carry on smoking. I recommend anyone having trouble with their quit to just sit and read and look at pictures like that and think 'that's inside of me right now, and if it isn't then it will be!'. It's an amazing help.

Anyway, sorry for rambling on, Thanks for the support from everyone to get me to month 1, here's to another 672months! (approx life expectancy =78years, minus my age (22) = 56 years. 56 years = 672 months)

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Congratulations Sofia, one month is fantastic and you are quite right to be really proud of yourself. Don't worry about relapses. Keep up with your positive thinking and educating about the addiction, remembering the good days is such a beneficial thing to do, so often we only remember when it's tough.

Huge well done to you, keep at it.

Lorraine :)


So sorry I missed this one Sofia.

Well done you on your month quit...as Lorraine said you should be very proud. 1 month done and dusted!

You have the right attitude towards your quit and you are a great support to others so I'm sure there will be no relapse :)

Well done hun and keep up the great work xx


Just seen this!!


A fantastic achievement!!


Thanks guys :) It really does feel amazing... can't even imagine what the penthouse must be like!


only 672 months to go? well when you look at it that way it should be pretty easy from here :) being a bloke (and a little older!!) it should be a breeze for me!

HUGE Congratulations on making the month milestone! I reckon getting to the penthouse should feel at least 12 times as good :D



Thanks for the replies :D

I should probably be in the month 2 thread if I've hit month 1 but I'm on the second month, no? (obviously my brain function isn't working at maximum this week...)


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