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Missed the 8 post!!

Well i must be getting a bit cocky - I had quit for 8 months last Thursday and forgot to post...........

Hardly ever miss it at all now (except the just lit first puff of someone walking in front of me :o) But hey ho........

I've got through nights out, first dates, 2nd dates, holidays and all sorts, so i think i can say i have cracked it.

All you newbies reading this - it is soo worth all the stress at the beginning. ;)

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Wow, you sound brilliant. Eight months and steaming towards the penthouse throwing women and children out of your path!!

Congratulations to you, you certainly have experienced plenty of those awful triggers that can become stumbling blocks, may this be true encouragement for those starting out.

Best wishes,

Lorraine :)


well done BB :D;) i'm the same as you, a bit cocky and i just missed my 7 month mark lol. Feels good though..................x


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