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Tomm we start again


Hi all here we go again - this will prob be the 10th time now but i am determined to do this and crack it.

I have been smoking since i was 13 and i am now 29 i really want to get up in the morning and not crave for a cig and my other downfall is redbull.

I have an addiction to both but i only tend to want a redbull if i am having a cig so fingers crossed i can knock both out together but i know its not gonna be easy.

I have 2 kids so i want to do it for them as well as my health.

I have tried zyban but felt suicidal on them so gonna stick with the patches and the inhalator see if that will help.

Anyone got any reccomendations on what patch as i bought the boots own last time and they always fall off??????

Good luck to everyone that is starting tomm as i am will be with you on day one ......

Emma xxxxx

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Hey Emma

Good luck for tomorrow! Not sure if you know but you can get patches etc on prescription? Some pharmacies including Boots have a stop smoking service, I'm using a supermarket pharmacy and getting branded products for a prescription charge - it's well worth it! I think they do send a letter to your Dr to tell them you;re using the service and I know some people don't want anyone to know they're quitting.....

Anyway worth looking into as will save you some money!

Jane x

Hi Emma, as Jane said you can get patches, etc on perscription and places such as Boots, Tesco and Asda pharmacies offer a no smoking service. You sign up, get your patches, etc on perscription then you go in once a week/fortnight to have a check up and get more supplies.

My advice to you would be to read and educate yourself about being addicted to nicotine and quitting. There are lots of extremely good and helpful posts on here and good links in other members signatures.

Most of all use the forum to help you and help others. You will find in time that helping others help you with your quit.

Good luck Emma and keep posting


Hi Emma

I tried giving up a number of years back with the patches but they did nothing for me other than bring me out in a rash and I just wanted to rip them off, roll them up and smoke them! The inhalator didn't do much for me either.... it felt like I was sucking on a fag that wouldn't light properly!

I found the lozenges much better as they gave almost instant relief to a bad crave but this time (and hopefully my LAST quit!) I'm using Champix and am now on day 28 fag free. :D

I guess you just need to find what works for you... and get your head into the right place to quit!

Good luck!

austinlegro11 Years Smoke Free

...I guess you just need to find what works for you... and get your head into the right place to quit! it's a Sunday... Amen to that.

Well day one started at 6 this morning and so far so good - got up had a cuppa and patch went straight on - also bought them microtabs and considering they taste vile they do the job - feel really positive now and gonna do this - xx

Go for it Emma, don't be put off by failed attempts, learn from them and push on. Glad your day has started off on such a positive note, it makes heaps of difference.

Lorraine :)

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