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Quitting Tomorrow

Hi Folks,

I smoked 20 B&H Gold for 4 yrs, i desperately want to stop and feel helpless.

Tried the patch, gum, lozenges so i'm going Cold Turkey this time as i heard it gets rid of the nicotine faster.

Ended up doing a bit of chain smoking tonight because i feel sad.

I have also read Alan Carrs book and understand that smoking is doing nothing for me and i feel stupid and disgusted with myself everytime i light up.

Its been a mental tug of war in my head recently.

The longest i've went without smoking was probably 12hrs, i want to promise myself to go these first 3 days and see how i'm feeling.

I can't think long term at the moment.

Thanks for reading.


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Hi Andrew

Well done on your decision to quit. It doesn't matter if you smoked 4 years or 40, quitting is not easy otherwise none of us would be here. There are loads of peeps on here who have read and successfully quit with the likes of Allen Carr and fully endorse the book. I'm sure they will be along to offer you some support on advice.

Yes, you are right the nictoine does obvioulsy leave the body quicker going cold turkey but some do need to be weened off the nicotine instead of the drastic drop and each to their own I say.

Read the links in peeps signatures, I find they really, really help and use this forum to read, scream, shout, laugh, cry. There is generally always someone on here to offer suport.

If I can offer any advice at all, it will be to pass on good advice I have had, which is not to think long term. Just deal with one crave and one day at a time...take baby steps and time will soon go.

You have a good day

Tinks :)


Reading Allen Carrs book is a good first step to being a non smoker. It will get you headed in the right direction to educate yourself how to quit. I would recommend that you do some more research though, the Why Quit website has a lot of good information and of course, you'll find a lot of good stuff here on the forum.

My advice would be to not rush into a quit, read read read until you know how and why you are quitting. Education is the key to quitting, get your frame of mind right and you'll be confident that you actually CAN quit.

Once you are confident then take it each day as it comes. Good luck.


Andrew, I echo the advice of others. Read, read and read all about the addiction to understand it. If you understand what you're going through you can consciously tackle it rather than brush it under the carpet. Most importantly, take one minute, hour, day at a time. Don't look at the big picture, you don't need to. Baby steps are needed.

You will get there, don't worry. Education about the addiction I believe is the key to success, so get reading. Don't worry about thinking about cigarettes, it's what you do with those thoughts that are important.

Best wishes, stay calm and keep us posted.

Lorraine :)

Reply i'm going Cold Turkey this time as i heard it gets rid of the nicotine faster.

Its been a mental tug of war in my head recently.


There is an entire industry set up to exploit and profit from, and of course to perpetuate the myth that you to think that falling nicotine levels are the sole reason we smoke, that you're addicted to "the most addictive drug ever put on the planet" and "quitting is hard" and then make loads and loads of cash out of that very assumption.

As so many have easily proven, ditch the fags and well within a week your nicotine dependency, such that it was, has gone.

On a scale of 100, blame 5% of your habit on the nicotine and the rest on your subconscious.

What is soul-destroying in the extreme is that many people fail in their well-intended quits because they misguidedly put their faith in a solution doomed from the start and don’t take the time to learn about why they smoked. They address the 5% and then find they still want to smoke!. Not only that but they throw their entire weight behind the attack on the 5% and have no answer for the 95% battle that’s just around the corner.

Unfortunately the solution to the 95% has little if any profit in it for anyone yet it’s the battle we all face. The little nicotine fight is all you will ever see advertised but we’re lead to believe it is the only fight. Big it up and you’re giving teeth to something that hasn’t got any.

Don’t worry about the speed of nicotine removal, that’s a trivial part of the quit. Far more important is to understand and accept that in the first few weeks of your quit you’re going to convince yourself repeatedly that you felt so much better as a smoker. There will be an element of truth in it as your body starts to repair itself. Often you end up with temporary spots, coughs, bad-breath and all manner of odd things that you didn’t have when you smoked!

Then you face triggers hourly, daily, weekly etc. Over time they reduce but even well quit smokers often get a pang for a fag when something triggers their subconscious. Later in a quit we can laugh, if it’s early it can be a disaster.

If at this point a chew on some nicotine gum helps then fine, go ahead but don’t be mislead. A chew on any gum would achieve the same effect.

There is no Hyundai. No-one presents you with a car at 12 months or some M&S vouchers or even a grotty certificate. One day you stop, you never smoke again for the rest of your entire life. That is the brutal truth and at day 1 it can seem hardly worth starting the journey. Count the days, weeks, months or maybe count the cash or the health or whatever reward works for you but do it.

If you can get over this fallacy that is the nicotine hump then if you’ve quit for a day you can manage 2. If you made 2 you can do 3. Then you’re at a week.

At that point the horridness you’re feeling is down to repair not tobacco.

How do you eat an elephant? How do you quit smoking?

Yip, one bit at a time. In our case one cigarette at a time. Ok, the advertisers got the right slogan; unfortunately they applied it to the wrong product!

I hope your head follows your quit. It's a wonderful road once you're on it. :)


Hi Andy

Hope you manage to start giving up the dreaded weed :eek:

I am on day 11 just now and I would just like to say its a nightmare to begin with but it does get better...the best thing I learnt on here is to not think you have given up forever, but, at the start of the day, just say to yourself " today I will not smoke" it worked for me !!

Let us know how you are getting on.


Great post Austin. ;)


you can do it m8 just believe in yourself ! if you need help the forum is always here and ther are plenty of quit professionals around for advice ! stay strong brother :)


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